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Anyone got a Horn sewing machine cabinet

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opinionatedfreak Sun 25-Oct-20 18:42:09

I need to tame my sewing crap as I live in a small flat with an open plan living room.

One of these cabinets seems perfect but I also need to have the flexibility to put my lap top on it somewhere when I work from home.

Anyone got any experience of them. it's really hard to try to get to a shop to see them IRL at the moment.

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Updatingmywill Tue 10-Nov-20 17:35:56

I have a sewing cabinet - I think it's a Horn, but I bought it a long time ago when I was living in America.

It is great for looking tidy when you need to pack things away. But I wouldn't try to work with a laptop on top of it as you can't get your knees tucked in with it closed up. If you didn't close it but had the sewing machine lowered, you still would struggle to get your knees under as the sewing machine would be in the way.

opinionatedfreak Sun 22-Nov-20 11:53:38


that's what I thought would be the case.

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Knittedfairies Sun 22-Nov-20 12:27:30

Would something like this work? If you scroll down to picture 6 you can see a pretty nifty way of hiding the sewing machine when not in use.

Rhynswynd Sun 22-Nov-20 12:31:11

I have two I bought from Facebook marketplace. I’m in aus so no idea if they are the same. They are fine. But old fashioned. My new sewing machine doesn’t fit the hole and it’s an awkward position even with my old small machine. The height is ok but only with my horn sewing chair which is amazing. The drawers are awkward and one has a top flap instead of draw which gets in the way. I doubt I would have paid full price and much prefer my ikea wind up desk and just push the sewing machine out of the way for my laptop.

opinionatedfreak Mon 23-Nov-20 19:56:22

Thanks all.

I have a beast of a sewing machine - Bernina 7 series which is why this situation has arisen as it is too heavy for me to lift comfortably in and out of the storage space I used to use with my old standard sized Janome.

I also do a tonne of quilting and the weight of the fabric falling off the free arm is a real issue so having the sewing surface all one height will really help.

I've had a really helpful chat with the team at Horn who advised me that there were only really three cabinets suitable for my machine. Typically all the expensive ones!

I think I'm going to go for it as living in a mess is really bad for my mental health.

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crockydoodle Sat 28-Nov-20 11:30:28

I got a horn quilters delight last year. My machine is a large heavy one. When the machine is down inside the cabinet it gets in the way of your knees a bit but not too bad. It's great for quilting as the back opens up and the left side opens out for a great big flat surface. I'm really pleased with it.

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