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Craft projects using old clothes/recycled fabric?

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PracticingPerson Sun 18-Oct-20 07:35:23

Hello, just wondered if anyone has good ideas for using old clothes and other old fabric, or any tips? I'm just starting a quilt from old t-shirts, I've amassed a lot since lockdown as the children grew and the charity shop was shut!

If any of you have made any things, especially from old jeans, I'd be interested in ideas smile

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Sarahduckobsessive Mon 19-Oct-20 08:07:56

I’m mildly obsessed with doing this and am running out of room for more stuff! Rag rugs, rag wreaths, appliqué...Pinterest is really good for ideas on this.

CaptainMyCaptain Mon 19-Oct-20 08:17:00
Amish rag rug
traditional rag rug
runner rag rug
a pouffe

CaptainMyCaptain Mon 19-Oct-20 08:18:21,around%20twice%20to%20be%20sure.%20This...%20More%20

Jeans quilt

KiposWonderbeasts Mon 19-Oct-20 08:18:30

When DD didn’t want to get rid of her favourite T-shirts and pjs, I cut them into yarn and crocheted a mat for her bedroom.

KiposWonderbeasts Mon 19-Oct-20 08:19:17

With jeans, I made them pencil cases for school.

sophs29 Mon 19-Oct-20 08:33:25

I like to make bulletin boards/notice boards and they're perfect for children's rooms! jeans are great for this as you can re use the pockets and use them to stuff things inside!
When I've made them in the past I've just used a cheap canvas from a craft shop and wrapped the fabric around that ☺️

PracticingPerson Mon 19-Oct-20 19:01:41

Oh thank you all for posting, cheered me up after a stressy work day to come back to these ideas!

I have done rag wreaths before and they might be good gifts this year as I can use some child labour to help wink

I'm going to focus on the jeans next and will look at all the ideas, I must have about six or seven pairs of various sizes.

I agree with @Sarahduckobsessive about it getting obsessive!

Thanks again, I just love when I make something out of nothing, but I am still fairly new to the sewing machine so not very confident.

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timtam23 Mon 19-Oct-20 22:18:24

I have made an gardening apron out of old jeans (using the waistband and the back of the jeans with the back pockets, sewing on other patch pockets) am also making a skirt by unpicking two of the leg seams and redeeming them into a centre front and centre back seam. I've made mobile phone cases and pencil cases also. I use pieces of 100% cotton clothing to make facemasks and I have crocheted a bucket bag from t-shirt yarn made from old t-shirts (I really love the bag but the crocheting was very hard on my finger and wrist joints)

timtam23 Mon 19-Oct-20 22:18:50

Redeeming should read resewing

timtam23 Mon 19-Oct-20 22:21:47

Oh and during lockdown I made two of the DC's favourite outgrown t-shirts into cushion covers for scatter cushions in their bedroom.

TW2013 Mon 19-Oct-20 22:27:38

When I have time I want to make some of these baskets.

Londonmummy66 Thu 29-Oct-20 16:49:42

Jeans make great Christmas stockings plenty of ideas here

I made a load a couple of years ago and sold them for a local charity.

QuentinWinters Thu 29-Oct-20 16:53:12

Bags? I like the look of this one

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