I'd like to use up odd bits of fabric.

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BeingATwatItsABingThing Sun 20-Sep-20 21:11:10

Not a sewing expert or anything but you could make a rag wreath. My mum made one for my wedding and it looked really good. DD also has one on her bedroom door.

PepeLePew Sun 20-Sep-20 21:07:26

English paper piecing is fun and a great way to use up scraps. But do pick the size carefully. I made a beautiful quilt out of all sorts of random scraps of old clothes but the hexagons were small and it took forever. Not helped by the fact I chose to hand quilt, but even the patchwork took a very long time.

BlueCowWonders Tue 08-Sep-20 16:14:49

I'd never heard of English paper piercing but it just what I'm looking for! Thank you @Sewsosewsmile

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PopTheRainbowdrops Tue 08-Sep-20 16:09:25

If it's jersey fabric then MBJM Speedy Pants takes my vote

Sewsosew Mon 07-Sep-20 16:23:53

English paper piercing? Just make lots and lots of hexies and eventually turn it into a quilt.

timtam23 Mon 07-Sep-20 16:16:52

If you google "string quilt" you should find some tutorials. I'm planning one of these to use up loads of fabric scraps and my pile of baby muslins (which will be the stabilising base fabric)

BlueCowWonders Thu 03-Sep-20 17:01:00

Thanks @Mentounasc
I've never had much luck with you tube - maybe I need to get better at choosing search terms!

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Mentounasc Thu 03-Sep-20 15:30:35

I've found it quite handy to take a random mooch around YouTube for ideas and tutorials - just give in something like 'sewing scraps'. A scrappy quilt would certainly work - I'm making one now using strips about 1-2 inches wide and between 2 to 8 inches long, arranged diagonally on an 8 inch square block. The blocks are then sewn together. I've also used small 2inch squares patched together to make tote bags.
Other ideas: scrunchies, small zipped pouches, keyrings. And you could try some applique, which often needs lots of very small pieces.

BlueCowWonders Thu 03-Sep-20 14:23:18

Patchwork? Anyone have a good resource? Autumn seems a good time to start smile

(Scraps smaller than a face mask!)

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