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Is acrylic paint flammable?

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sphil Thu 04-Oct-07 15:24:21

Have just made a papier mache cake for my son's birthday. He's allergic to lots of foods and this has a hollow top so you can fill it with sweets, biscuits etc - in our case gluten/dairy/egg free ones! (Got it from the Art Attack annual if anyone's interested).

I've painted it with acrylic paint. Can I put real candles in the top without the whole thing combusting? We'll only light them for a short while and wouldn't let the flame get anywhere near the cake, but even so....

Whizzz Thu 04-Oct-07 15:33:04

If its flammable it should say so on the container / tube

EmsMum Thu 04-Oct-07 15:39:38

What a clever idea!

Not sure about the flammability... if you can't find any data, do you have time to test it?

sphil Thu 04-Oct-07 17:57:24

No time for testing - it's DS2's birthday tomorrow and I haven't even finished painting the thing yet. I take no credit for the idea - it was DS1 who suggested it (and then, true to form, has ducked out of actually HELPING...).

Think I might just take a chance - look out in Health for a post about singed eyebrows tomorrow...

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