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Help...inspiration needed for halloween fancy dress for 18 mth old...

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WindUpBird Mon 01-Oct-07 13:23:37

My dd is going to an nct 'Boo' party at the end of October and it's fancy dress...Does anyone have any ideas for a VERY SIMPLE outfit? All I can think of is making a very simple orange tabard with a pumpkin face on. I doubt she would wear a mask, I don't want to use face paints but she would love wearing a hat....I'd be grateful for any ideas from all you creative people!

Dabbles Mon 01-Oct-07 13:33:16

asda.tesco and woolworths all do very cheap outfits for little ones!

Gingermonkey Mon 01-Oct-07 13:54:42

what about a witch? Make a tutu out of net in blacks, purples etc, team with a black t-shirt (or dye one you have already). Make a cat face out of felt to applique on to the front of the tee and just buy her a cheap broom and hat from any of the supermarkets (although I think Asda is best). There's a tutu tutorial here and it's really really easy.

VoodooLULUmama Mon 01-Oct-07 13:58:29

buy a cat outfit from asda for a fiver !

<<lazy mummy emoticon>>

WindUpBird Mon 01-Oct-07 14:58:03

Thanks for the suggestions, I really like the idea of the witch outfit....trouble is the party is being held in a church and I've got a feeling they would frown upon such a pagan costume!! I could make it less black though..she could be a benevolent witch/fairy person.
Sadly I don't really live near enough to an Asda or Tesco to have a look at their outfits.
sigh It all just seems a bit silly dressing up an 18 mth old!!

FLIER Mon 01-Oct-07 15:00:02

I made a wee alien outfit a couple of years ago, I am NO seamstress, mind you, but we thought it was rather cute, and effective enough
Would you like to see a picture? I could send it to you FFP.

Gingermonkey Mon 01-Oct-07 15:08:33

WUB, if it's a halloween party then they'll be expecting witches aplenty (I wouldn't worry about the pagan nature.....halloween is hardly a Christian affair!!!! grin) I was thinking more along the lines of a 'pretty' witch, an 18mth old would look pretty awful as a warts n all witch!

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