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ideas needed please on what to do wiht 8 adults for a craft session please

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wildpatch Sun 30-Sep-07 23:51:45

any ideas much appreciated.
they all vary in their abilities, from the super duper crafty arty type, to the ones who just dont get making things at all.
so far we've done spirelli cards this year. will be savingmaking paper gift bags for the runup to christmas, as will the tree decoration angels. and the christmas crackers.
dont particular want to do glass paiting for tea lights, as bored of it. any ideas welocmed please.
o, and i can theme it for halloween, but dont really need to iyswim.

fihi Mon 01-Oct-07 00:24:45

have recently done a few of things, see if any catch your imagination....

photo frames (we work near ikea so get wooden ones at bargain prices) stick stuff on them -fabric etc, even pasta (?) and paint, spray gold etc or varnish, depending on what design you've done. sounds cheesy but they look really good

pressing flowers for cards & stuff

making the tiny bits to put on greetings cards, mostly with copper wire and that spongy craft foam

making assorted stuff out of good old salt dough...(yawn) plaits, harvest mice etc. that and glass painting are our good old faithful "dunno what to do" days.

oh, and marbling inks. now there's a fun session for you. not too expensive, if u get cat litter trays or cheap bowls rather than the 'proper' kit.

happy crafting. hope someone gives you some inspiration!

wildpatch Mon 01-Oct-07 00:55:11

thanks filhi. some lovely ideas there.
marbling inks? how do i do that? i'll google it, should show me how.
we did the photo frames before, slightly differently, but this sounds better.
i've never worked with wired before, so may have to learn how to do that.
the salt dough, they do a sort of self analysis session once a year where they use clay to model stuff, so not sure about that. may be a sort of repeat. iyswim.

fihi Mon 01-Oct-07 01:12:33

marbling inks can be found in art shops, and the ones i got had lots of helpful info with them... i'm no artist!!
check out what paper to use tho, the first time we did it, i got it a bit wrong with the ordinary white stuff. we then went on to use the fancy 'marbled' paper to make greetings cards and wrapping paper. It might not take long enough for your group (we work with adults with LD so only do short workshops) so come up with something else to do as well?

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