Add thermal lining to lightweight curtains?

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whostolemy Sat 11-Jul-20 07:41:17

I have IKEA cotton curtains with no lining (a relic from living overseas!). They are exactly the right size and colour for my bay window but strangely not so good at keeping out the biting North East cold.

Would sewing in a thermal lining work? Or will they just look like thin curtain with heavy lining, if that makes sense?

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TooMinty Sat 11-Jul-20 07:53:54

My mum added a thermal/blackout lining to some cream Ikea curtains for me. I think it looks good. The lining is practically the same colour as the curtains and it isn't sewn in all the way down, it just is attached at the top and hangs down behind them.

TooMinty Sat 11-Jul-20 07:55:08

Oh, and we are in Scotland with single glazed windows - does a good job of keeping the heat in!

Honeywort Sat 11-Jul-20 08:03:11

We’ve done just that - with Ikea curtains too! Have sewn in both blackout and thermal linings on various pairs. I have sewn some in all the way round but tbh it’s more hassle and not really any better than just doing as pp suggests and sewing in at top and leaving the rest loose. Some curtains have heading tape where you can attach linings separately anyway.

EasilyDelighted Sat 11-Jul-20 08:04:25

Yes, we just made separate but same size blackout linings and hung them on the same hooks behind the actual curtains. Be aware that if you have big windows it makes the curtains a lot heavier and puts weight on the pole or track. They are heavier to open and close and bulkier once open. You can end up with more condensation too due to less air circulation, we had one set that got a bit mildewy.

EasilyDelighted Sat 11-Jul-20 08:06:16

Not the same hooks, sorry, separate hooks hooked into the back of the main curtain tape. It was a long time ago.

HasaDigaEebowai Sat 11-Jul-20 08:09:07

I used very cheap fleeces (also from ikea). LIterally cut them to the same size as the curtain and then tacked them onto the back of the curtains. I was extremely lazy and didn't even sew them all the way along, just a tack every few inches or so. It did the job for DS2's room and saved a fortune since his room is dual aspect with high ceilings and needed big curtains.

whostolemy Sat 11-Jul-20 09:40:52

This is excellent news! Thank you. Shall add to my list of jobs...

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