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Where can I find a' Hidden Stitch' tutorial ?

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Tillyboo Mon 24-Sep-07 22:01:56

I need to master this for closing up some of my stuffed creations.

A video tutorial would be great.

I found something, a drawing & text, on 'Craftster' but it's not that clear to me - it's probably me being dim but I find 'real life' video's easier to learn from.


Gingermonkey Tue 25-Sep-07 10:29:49

do you mean a ladder stitch? I don't know if there are any video tutorials, but try googling ladder stitch and you may find something. Basically you take each side of the opening and using a very thin needle zig zag across, doing tiny stitches and just, but only just on the inside of the opening. Don't pull them tight until you have finished and then do it very gently. I doubt that's much use to you either!!! Sorry!!!!

Tillyboo Tue 25-Sep-07 14:11:36

Hi GM - Yes, I believe it's called Ladder Stitch too. I've only just found this out because .... (and I blush heavily here - god I hope dh doesn't read through my posts)

An amazon package arrived today and I opened it, well it was addressed to me. DH had ordered a book for me for my b'day next Sunday but ordered it from my Amazon account, the Plumb !

I've just ordered my dad a book but thought I'd asked for it to be send to his address. I thought I'd made a mistake and they'd sent it here - hence me opening it.

Turns out I did send my dads book to his address so I opened one of my d'day presents early. Oops ! It's a fab book on 'Plushies' and I scanned the section about closing up holes after stuffing and found the term 'Ladder Stitch'.

Did you see my Q about the blogs ? How did you set yours up ? I think they are great and have been thinking of doing one myself.

How are your sales going ?

I'm just about to post my weekly achievements

Gingermonkey Tue 25-Sep-07 17:34:28

lol, did you stick it back up so he didn't know you opened it? Silly man, but spot on present. My DH is great at presents, but so far hasn't got me any crafty ones (I'm hoping though, for christmas and have dropped all sorts of hints). There's a new book out in Oz that I want, so I'm hoping he will get his friend to get it for me and send it over (can't get it here yet sad, if at all ever)

My blog was free and easy to set up, I just went to blogspot and followed the instructions. Very easy! I've had one sale via the blog itself and haven't been going for a month yet. I think the exposure helps.....but be warned, it's addictive and you will spend the whole day scanning the blog world and never get anything done, lol!!!!!! Tomorrow I have decided I will be have a computer free day and lock the laptop away in the cupboard so I get more work done!!!!

Tillyboo Tue 25-Sep-07 18:08:17

Cheers for the info GM. I shall have a look forthwith ...

OH Lord, I shall have to be strict with myself if I get round to having a blog. Spend too much time on the laptop as it is !

Up to my eye in pricing up NCT sale stuff - finally got round to having a good sort out.

It's clogging up my work room too so I'm looking forward to the extra space.

Tillyboo Tue 25-Sep-07 18:09:43

PS . Love the Bags !

Gingermonkey Tue 25-Sep-07 20:53:06

Thanks, never tried a bag before so I was pleased with how they came out. I won't make a habit of them, I think, because you can get them for pennies, and I'd rather let someone else do the boring bit! I'll make a fancy flower or something to stick on them! lol! When is the NCT sale? Have you got plenty made? How much are you going to take? I'm doing a fair in a couple of weeks and I have quite a bit to take but I just want a bit more variety. I have made some flower brooches, that are quite big and look fab on a jacket (I'll blog them tonight) and some other bits (all on blog in a bit) so I think those little things will bring in the fee for the stall (hopefully!)

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