Does anyone do rock/pebble painting?

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shadypines Fri 05-Jun-20 15:44:12

It looks such a nice hobby so a few questions for those that have some experience..

What is the best thing to paint with, paint and brushes or pens?
What do you do with your finished works? Do you display them?
Any tips, do or don'ts?


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MrsZola Sat 13-Jun-20 22:33:03

I do mine with Posca pens. They come in various sizes and the colours stay really bright. I spray mine with Plastikote craft type spray - 2 thin layers are better than 1 thick one.
I give them away as gifts, hide them (local rock hunting group on FB). I got a message from someone who found one of my stones and took it home to Australia! smile I also make custom sets for people - superheroes, princesses etc. I'm a Reception teacher so I make a lot of story stone sets or anything to go in my classroom. Other teachers I know ask me to make sets for their classes at the end of the year so each child can have a stone. I did badgers, squirrels, turtles, ladybirds etc last year. I do sell a lot too.

jalopy Sat 20-Jun-20 06:39:23

Years ago I painted them.
I used cheap acrylic paints with any old paintbrush & clear nail varnish to protect the painted stone at the end.

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