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nicannie Wed 27-May-20 09:07:58

Can anyone who can crochet tell me if this is a relatively easy or difficult pattern to follow ?

I can knit and know how to read a pattern but crochet is completely diff by looks of things and wanted to attempt this blanket! Photo attached, thank you x

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SoupDragon Wed 27-May-20 20:24:02

Do you know how to crochet?

CrochetBug Wed 27-May-20 20:25:28

Well it looks easy to me. But I'm not a beginner.

EmpressLangClegInChair Wed 27-May-20 20:31:23

I’d have found that tricky when I was a beginner.

ThisTooShallPassHopefully Wed 27-May-20 20:36:10

I can't see your pattern clearly, but I would suggest you give it a try and see how you get on.
I taught myself crochet since lockdown started, as a way of coping with the huge increase in my stressful job and homeschooling 3 children. It has been the only thing saving my sanity, I am now addicted.

I was like you in that I knew how to knit and read a pattern.
I found lots of really useful videos on you tube to show me how to do the stitches, and I'm now really pleased with the progress I'm making in my blanket using a wide variety of stitches.

And even if you struggle with this pattern, your skills will develop and you will be able to work towards it.

florentina1 Wed 27-May-20 20:59:46

Have a look at 25 things I wish a had known about crochet. I have been a crocheted for 40 years and it taught me lots. Buy some cheap wool and practice before investing in wool for the blanket. Can you print it larger as it is difficult to see. That way experienced people on here can tell you of any pitfalls.

EmpressLangClegInChair Wed 27-May-20 21:07:15

Buy some cheap wool and practice before investing in wool for the blanket.

This. I’ve got a big ball from Wilkos that I use for practising new patterns with, it’s well worth it!

nicannie Wed 27-May-20 21:33:27

Thanks for all your replies so far! I have some balls of wool spare from knitting so I'll do some practice and experimenting on that first before I move onto the nice wool for the blanket, good idea. Here's a closer pic of the pattern for those who asked

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florentina1 Wed 27-May-20 21:36:11

It is quite straightforward. Hope you,post a pic when it’s finished

Brenna24 Wed 27-May-20 21:39:48

I don't think that it should be too hard, but again I am not a beginner. As others have said there are lots of you tube videos out there to help. I will warn you though that there are two different terminologies out there, UK and US. They are different but have overlapping terms, e.g. doubles and trebles occur in both patterns but mean different things, so check which version the pattern is written in and also which version someone in a you tube video is using.

Fooshufflewickbannanapants Wed 27-May-20 21:44:45

Bella coco does lots of easy to follow tutorials if you get stuck. If you've never crochet before I think doing a couple of granny squares first to find out your favourite place to hold your hook would help.

HorsesDoovers Wed 27-May-20 21:48:02

I would personally do the Neat Ripple from Attic 24, it looks like a similar pattern, there are really clear photo tutorials which are straightforward to follow.

nicannie Wed 27-May-20 22:00:32

Thank you! I'll try some granny squares for practice and I'll look on YouTube. Also going to check out the Neat Ripple pattern! Thanks everyone. I'll keep you posted on how my practice etc goes xx

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nicannie Wed 27-May-20 22:02:14

@HorsesDoovers wow that pattern does look very similar!! Thanks I'm going to definitely give this one a go I think, I like the instructions and photos that come with it and will make it 100x easier for my first piece!

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HorsesDoovers Wed 27-May-20 22:05:29

Oh good, I love Attic 24, such clear instructions. Currently doing the Dune pattern in the Sweet pea colour way, very easy relaxing blanket to crochet. I warn you once you've found her patterns you'll get hooked (excuse the pungrin)

nicannie Tue 02-Jun-20 10:10:52

My wool and pattern came. I decided to give it a go.

The yellow is first attempt and I noticed I had been missing chains when I was to work in next chain so I started again to try learn from my mistakes.

I'm still not sure I'm doing it 100% right but looks ok I think ?

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florentina1 Tue 02-Jun-20 11:43:58

Some people count the chain 1,2 or 3 at the beginning of each row as a stitch. I find it easier to disregard this. It will make a little loop on each alternate beginning row. I hide this in the seam allowance when sewing up. After 40 years I still have to count stitches as it is easy to gain or lose one.

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