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Can anyone recommend a sewing machine?

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elibumbum Tue 11-Sep-07 13:58:51

I'm after a reasonably priced sewing machine that is easy to use. I've only used one a couple of times before so it needs to be simple to load up with thread etc. Not after lots of fancy stitches but need one that is tough enough to make curtains etc.


jimmyknappinghousewife Tue 11-Sep-07 21:38:33

I have to say having used an ancient singer for years that I much preferred it to the newish brother machine that I have now. Most machines are pretty simple to thread nowadays, the only difference between most of them is whether the bobbin is front loading or not.
Worth bearing in mind if you buy a cheaper new machine, they will often have preset stitch lengths, so you can't alter the stitch lengths for basting (which I find a major bugbear).
I personally would buy a second hand machine (if you can get the opportunity to test run it first), they are much better imo. If not I find the basic brother ok but, only for basic stuff. Hope this helps.

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