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can anyone help with a picnic blanket

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knat Sat 08-Sep-07 13:40:59

i'm making dd a toy picnic hamper up for her birthday. I've got plates and cups and the basket which i'm going to spray pink or purple and put ribbons on and i'm going to put some party food in and a wooden birthday cake but i'd like to knit her a picnic blanket for her dolls/toys. Anyone got any ideas? I've got plenty of wool mostly dk and i've got some lovely soft sirdar ultra which i fancy using but not sure how much i would need. Fancy having some design on it but haven't done much chart work or colour work. Also would like it done quickly as her birthday is 4 weeks away!!!!!! Thanks for any suggestions

Miaou Sat 08-Sep-07 15:17:45

Have you seen my blanket on my profile, knat? some ideas there if you want. Some of the squares are on this site here

Also look at this book here - really easy to use and stacks of ideas, both knitting and crochet.

Miaou Sat 08-Sep-07 15:21:37

oh and re the amount you will need, there is a discussion here that might give you some pointers!

knat Sat 08-Sep-07 16:25:32

thanks miaou - the squares idea looks a bit complicated for me though and i need something thats going to be quick! The amount discussion helps though - thanks!

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