where to buy fabric in London?

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Backintime4breakfast Tue 10-Mar-20 06:46:23

Hi. up in oxford street today.....anywhere close by to get cheap dressmaking fabric once Ive drooled at everything in Liberty? thanks

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NuzzleandScratch Tue 10-Mar-20 06:47:44

John Lewis?

Teabunny Tue 10-Mar-20 06:53:08

John Lewis is the only haberdashers in Oxford Street that I can think of! Otherwise it's markets in the suburbs like Brixton, Whitechapel, and Wembley. I have a haberdasher/sewing shop near me in East Dulwich called Really Maria, who is very good.

MotherOfAllNameChanges Tue 10-Mar-20 06:54:42

[[https://www.curtainfactoryoutlet.co.uk https://www.curtainfactoryoutlet.co.uk

ThanosSavedMe Tue 10-Mar-20 06:55:50

There are a couple of fabric shops in soho on Berwick Street near oxford street end

8by8 Tue 10-Mar-20 06:56:54

There is no cheap dressmaking fabric in central London!
John Lewis is your best bet on oxford street, they have a good haberdashery section.

ThanosSavedMe Tue 10-Mar-20 06:58:01

Not sure how cheap they are though

500BusStops Tue 10-Mar-20 07:00:23

Loads in Soho eg

lolaflores Tue 10-Mar-20 07:00:59

The Berwick street shops are very beautiful and if you root around there are bolts of fabric that are on sale and bits and pieces. . Depends what u need. Pop into liberty for off cuts. John Lewis.

Teabunny Tue 10-Mar-20 07:03:44

Quick Google search: MacCulloch and Wallis 25-26 Poland Street Soho.
Cloth House 47 Berwick Street.
Berwick Street cloth shop at no. 14.
Joel and Son, 73-87 Church Street Marylebone. (Upmarket designer fabrics)

claracluck78 Tue 10-Mar-20 07:10:40

MacCulloch and Wallis used to be an amazing haberdashers between Oxford St and Hanover Square - might be worth checking if they are still around the area.

KizzyWayfarer Tue 10-Mar-20 07:15:03

I’m no dressmaker but I think the place I got the fabric for my wedding dress (13 years ago!) was Jason & Sons near Edgeware Road tube (Bakerloo line from Oxford Circus). If you have time you could do a trip further afield, I saw Goldhawk Road recommended.

KizzyWayfarer Tue 10-Mar-20 07:17:50

Sorry - Jason’s Fabrics

earsup Tue 10-Mar-20 07:27:14

What is cheap ? Central London will be maybe 20 plus a meter...some shops in walthamstow do same for a fiver !.. always found Soho silly prices as is John Lewis etc...maybe Brixton but I haven't been for years...used to be good.

Backintime4breakfast Tue 10-Mar-20 19:15:18

wow, thanks everyone....was not expecting so many options!

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earsup Tue 10-Mar-20 22:03:41

If ever you are in walthamstow...go down the high street to Saeeds shop...has lovely fabrics...and a fraction of john lewis and soho prices...has huge range , also maybe 5 other fabric shops selling fabric from £1 a metre...a lot of it is rubbish but sometimes nice ... anyway there are a lot of shops there and maybe 3 or 4 market stalls also near the sainsburys.

Didkdt Thu 12-Mar-20 13:55:14

Are you looking for Liberty style prints
Goldhawk Road has fabric shops
Maccullouch and Wallis is lovely and worth a look.
A large part of Liberty haberdashery has been taken over by Merchant Mills but liberty were doing 1m off cuts for silly prices recently

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