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can anyone recommend a knitting book for beginners

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thegardener Wed 05-Sep-07 20:20:45

I have got half way through a bolero top & have given up due to not understanding the pattern instructions.

NotQuiteCockney Wed 05-Sep-07 20:21:47

You can post the instructions on here to get help.

I like Stitch'n'Bitch, as a general read. Or Montse Stanley if you want to be hardcore.

A bolero top isn't really the best project to start with, I'm afraid - a scarf or washcloth or something flat is a safer introduction ...

GreebosWhiskers Thu 06-Sep-07 14:08:23

I second either of the stitch n bitch books - I've got stitch n bitch nation & it's really good

Elk Thu 06-Sep-07 14:40:58

I am using the Debbie Bliss book at the moment and have the Stitch'n'Bitch on order at the library.

I like the way the Debbie Bliss Book has easy but nice patterns right from the start.

However I did have my mum around to help me to start off. Do you have a yarn shop around as the ladies in there are normally really helpful (even when I ask them really daft questions as my 2 dd's tear up their shop)

bundle Thu 06-Sep-07 14:43:57

I think this is a great beginner's book (I have the crochet version but have peeked inside the knit version too)

fleacircus Thu 06-Sep-07 14:46:37

thegardener - have you tried looking up the specific bit you don't understand on It has video clips of people doing different stitches, has saved me from giving up several times!

I also vote for the Stitch and Bitch book, very clear instructions for beginners although you might need help from the yarn women to work out British equivalents. Also I've read on another thread that several people learnt in short free sessions in yarn shops or haberdashery depts in shops like John Lewis. Might be worth taking your pattern to them for some help.

thegardener Thu 06-Sep-07 21:00:10

Thanks for your messages & advice. I started this pattern when i was pregnant (ds now 18 months!) so desperately want to finish it before it definately goes out of fashionsmile

I might pop a few questions on here as well when i get round to starting off again.

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