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Dress and fabric

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rantinghousewife Tue 04-Sep-07 20:19:21

Have got this pattern here, do you think it would hang right if I made it with this [[ silk dupion, I'm thinking it would suit a more structured dress, rather than this floaty one. Give me your wisdom...please.

rantinghousewife Tue 04-Sep-07 20:20:24

The dupion is here dupion

Miaou Tue 04-Sep-07 21:43:11

No I don't think it would hang right ranting - from what I can see the fabric is folded over at the hem? The dupion you linked to would, I think, be too stiff to hang right. Plus I don't think it would bunch neatly at the neckline. I think that pattern would be better with a softer fabric, eg a satin-type one.

LadyOfTheFlowers Tue 04-Sep-07 21:45:02

Deffo a soft fabric.
There seem to be lots of little folds/gathers and you would have real trouble sewing them I think.

MrsBadger Tue 04-Sep-07 21:46:41

dupion too stiff
silk jersey?

rantinghousewife Tue 04-Sep-07 21:46:53

Yeah, I thought so too, (tried to convince myself it wasn't the case) thought I would consult the wisdom of the craft gurusgrin.

dizzyday07 Tue 04-Sep-07 22:19:30

The pattern says:

Dress: China Silk, Charmeuse, Double Georgette, Soft Silk-like Faille and Matte Jersey.
Slip: China Silk and Charmeuse.

rantinghousewife Tue 04-Sep-07 22:20:52

Yes thank you, dizzyday, I've read it! But, I've never been one to stick to the rules, rules are (sometimes) made to be broken.

rantinghousewife Tue 04-Sep-07 22:22:30

Which probably explains why all my (homemade) clothes are err... eccentric!grin

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