Cross stitch games on phones or other devices ??

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peridito Fri 07-Feb-20 14:49:29

Could someone recommend one ? I guess you need to play on something with a larger screen than that of a phone ?

It's for my sil who is ill , mostly lying down ,in and out of hospital and may be a bit brain fogged .

I've googled but I am now totally confused .

I don't have a smart phone and I'm a bit unfamiliar with the territory of games on phones .

Very many TIA

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PineappleDanish Tue 11-Feb-20 09:11:45

Not cross stitch, but there are several "painting by numbers" apps which are very relaxing and have the same end effect.

I have Happy Colour on my phone (free), others are also around.

peridito Tue 11-Feb-20 12:20:58

Oh thank you @PineappleDanish ,I'll suggest that .

mmm a pineapple danish would go down a treat right now ....

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