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Can anyone direct me to a 'how to darn website?

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Monkeybar Sat 01-Sep-07 16:51:48

I've tried putting it in google and I either get things saying 'Darn it!' or 'Then the darn xyz did abc...'! Not much use when I want to mend a hole in a wool blanket. At a push I will just sew the hole edges closed, but I would prefer to do it properly if possible. Thanks in advance

stleger Sat 01-Sep-07 16:58:09

You need to kind of oversew the raw edges, then weave (warp and weft) with through the hole. I know that makes no sense - try searching for weaving to see the way it should end up... I love darning.

dizzyday07 Mon 03-Sep-07 22:52:06

this might help here

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