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Scrapbook for beginners

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NutterlyUts Sat 01-Sep-07 12:49:18

Hi everyone

Our family is due to get a puppy in 6 weeks, and I want to make a scrap book album for him. But I've never made a scrap book before, so I have no idea what I need!


DoubleLife Sat 01-Sep-07 12:51:25


NutterlyUts Sat 01-Sep-07 12:52:28

Oo thanks

I don't know if my initial post made that much sense. I want to make a baby book style scrap book for our puppy. So I'd guess I can use some of the baby things to a degree.

Whizzz Sat 01-Sep-07 12:53:55

If you google scrapbooking you will find loads of tips online. SCrapbooking stuff seems to be sold everywhere at the mo, so its pretty easy to find stuff in the high street

Whizzz Sat 01-Sep-07 12:54:54

like here

DoubleLife Sat 01-Sep-07 12:55:19

you're welcome NutterlyUts
I'd like to have a go at making a scrapbook too

NutterlyUts Sat 01-Sep-07 12:55:56

Thanks. I did have a look in town today (live in Jersey) and found nothing, so I'm going to buy online, unless a local lass can come and direct me

Whizzz Sat 01-Sep-07 13:11:49

this might be useful

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