I want to make a hat block/mould?

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ishouldhavestucktocats Wed 08-Jan-20 10:01:06

I want to make a felted wool hat and I am struggling with ideas for what to use as a shaping device whilst it is drying (other than my own head!)

I have found a video online using duct tape and expanding foam...

Has anyone tried this or got any other ideas?

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FlaviaAlbia Wed 08-Jan-20 21:39:27

A balloon blown up to roughly the size of your head? I've used that before and it's worked well.

ishouldhavestucktocats Thu 09-Jan-20 14:27:59

Yes I had considered a balloon but I would prefer something a bit sturdier so I would be able to do tugging and stretching of the hat. But thanks for your suggestion!

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Yarnivore Thu 09-Jan-20 14:40:07

Have you looked at milliner's forms? Some are very beautiful.

Or, would a wig-making head work (much cheaper)?

ishouldhavestucktocats Thu 09-Jan-20 14:53:04

Well I may have come up with a solution. An upside down plant pot with another one upside on top. I could sellotape them together...

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ishouldhavestucktocats Thu 09-Jan-20 15:05:26

I have yet to actually knit the hat, let alone felt and shape it. I made a felted Japanese knot bag as a Christmas present for a friend and it turned out so well I was really pleased. Then I got to musing about other things I could knit and felt.

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ishouldhavestucktocats Thu 09-Jan-20 15:06:55

I do like the idea of a wig makers head though.

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Lailaha Thu 09-Jan-20 15:11:41

I love that pot! (Misses point)

I have a form that's wooden - it came from ebay and wasn't at all expensive (a tenner plus delivery) : might be worth a look to see if there's one in your size? A bowl on a pot might be a bit unstable if you are getting physical...

ishouldhavestucktocats Fri 31-Jan-20 19:09:35

I made the hat and I'm well pleased with it!!
I used the makeshift hat block utilising the 2 bowls as planned and duct taped them together.
The first picture is me wearing the hat before felting and then after a wash in the machine with 2 tennis balls...

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DontDribbleOnTheCarpet Sat 01-Feb-20 16:04:40

It looks fab, well done! I'm quite severely allergic to wool so I can't do felting but hat making is on my list of crafts to try.

Outlookmainlyfair Sat 01-Feb-20 19:32:32

I have just made one by carving styrofoam then cover with wood filler and sand. Insulation foam (like a dense polystyrene) works well. For fascinator blocks carve them from a polystyrene head form as you start with some good curves. Then don't forget to cover with cling film before blocking.

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