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Lakeland - some scrummy things in the new Craft catalogue

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Whizzz Sat 25-Aug-07 11:20:26

The Lakeland craft catalogue came through the post today - there is some really nice stuff in there. I might even be persuaded to dig out my cardmaking stuff for Xmas grin

cylon Sat 25-Aug-07 11:52:59

whizz, you are bad for me.
i have a ton of scrummy things sitting in my arts and crafts stuff, and i havent done any crafting for absolutely ags and ages.
pleaaaase dont direct me to wards any mor e crumptiou s cstuff.

Whizzz Sat 25-Aug-07 11:58:08

LOL grin

Gingermonkey Sat 25-Aug-07 15:39:07

whizz - now I feel the need to go shopping for things I don't even need or have any idea what I will do with them. You are a bad girl, you do realise that don't you?! grin (bookmarked it, and will be visiting the real life lakeland shop next week when I go to see my Mum and then DH will shout at me sad)

Blondilocks Sun 16-Sep-07 17:02:56

OOOHHHH! Although I have said I'm not buying any more craft bits .... well not once I've got the scissors that cut curvy edges I've seen in Argos!

The January sales tend to be fab at Lakeland.

Whizzz Sun 16-Sep-07 17:27:32

Blondilocks - I have a big set of scissors that cut wiggly lines - happy to sell you a few pairs if you like, as I don't use them all & I have far too many !

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