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Bought my first beads today - need help..!

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Dottydot Thu 16-Aug-07 18:45:14

Starting to make Christmas presents - found a couple of amazing shops in Manchester and have come out with a bag full of beads and wire and things. Not got a clue what I'm doing but am going to start tonight!

Quick question - how do you get big beads to stay where they are on the necklace if they're the only beads on it? (does that make sense?). So if I've got wire and then a couple of beads and then wire and then a couple more beads, how do they all stay where they are?

I suspect I need a book and many, many more bead-type things....

scarymamma Thu 16-Aug-07 20:54:43

You buy little metal circles that you pinch together with jewellery pliers. You put one either side if the big bead and they 'grip' the wire and they hold the big bead in place. I guess you've not got the metal thingies - I've got no idea what their proper name is tho' - soz.

scarymamma Thu 16-Aug-07 20:55:27

Forgot to add - Happy beading!

Whizzz Thu 16-Aug-07 20:57:17

LOL they are crimps ! You can squish them with pliers but can also buy crimping pliers that do the job a little neater.

OR you can use illusion thread (looks like fishing line) & use a clear glue (GS cement) to glue the beads in place

OR you can use thread & knot either side of the beads

DANCESwithDumbledore Thu 16-Aug-07 21:00:42

This website can be helpful: here

DANCESwithDumbledore Thu 16-Aug-07 21:01:21

Do you find the GS cement effective Whizz, I haven't tried that yet.

Dottydot Thu 16-Aug-07 21:57:57

ooh thanks! I just made a bracelet - and jolly nice it is too! Thought I'd start with something simple (and for me!!) and it's fab.

Then I went on to MIL's Christmas necklace but flipping heck threading teeny tiny beads is hard work so I've stopped for the night!

Didn't think about a knot either side - genius!!

Aah - am soooo happy when I've got a new hobby..!

Whizzz Thu 16-Aug-07 22:05:26

Dances - it seems to work on illusion thread & glass beads. I'm trying seed beading now - very fiddly !!

Dottydot Sun 19-Aug-07 22:13:08

I've made 4 bracelets and a necklace so far..! Horribly addictive - neeeeed to make something every night! Thought I might take some photos and post them - will attempt to do this tomorrow

Whizzz Mon 20-Aug-07 09:05:03

oh yes, sorry....should have warned you about the addiction

cheeryface Mon 20-Aug-07 15:10:06

oh god yes, i started this a few weeks ago and i have spent a fortune. it is totally addictive!

sandcastle Wed 03-Oct-07 14:57:52

Check out this site:

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