The jump from crochet square to snowflake!

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Frith2013 Sun 20-Oct-19 15:16:52


I’ve taught myself crochet and can do squares of various stitches.

How do you do snowflakes (Christmas decs) or flowers etc? The videos just show someone repeatedly saying “work into the circle” but I can see many circles!

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Costacoffeeplease Sun 20-Oct-19 15:49:51

Snowflakes are dead easy. When they say work into the circle they mean the chain circle, so chain 5, join into a circle with a slip stitch and then crochet according to the pattern, eg 12 double crochet going in and out of the circle

Frith2013 Sun 20-Oct-19 17:03:44


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PestyMachtubernahme Sun 20-Oct-19 17:12:41

Nice simple snowflake pattern with UK and US terms here

Frith2013 Sun 20-Oct-19 17:23:37

I’ll bow out now as I don’t understand any of the abbreviations in that pattern.

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rosesandcashmere Sun 20-Oct-19 17:27:39

When you do your squares are you using patterns? If granny squares you're using treble crochets (or doubles in US terms). It's not too big of a jump because you have the basics. You tube videos will help or the crochet crowd website (many use US terms so don't be confused. A single crochet in US terms is a double in ours etc)

rosesandcashmere Sun 20-Oct-19 17:28:58

To understand patterns you need to get to grips with stitch names but you've done the hard part!

PestyMachtubernahme Sun 20-Oct-19 17:42:07

@Frith2013 don't run away.

If you can do a square you can do a snowflake.
Squares have four proper corners.
Snowflakes have six gentle ones.


Make a loop, like when you start a square.

Two stitches and then 2 chain, keep going until you have six groups and the gaps between them. Join the row up like with a square.
So a bit like a square but with six small bunches not four big ones.

Snowflakes are just bastardised hexagons

Next row, three stitches into the gap and then 4 chain.

You can do it and experiment so that yours are unique and lovely.

Do you have a local yarn shop (LYS) who could give you a bit of help?

VirtualHamster Sun 20-Oct-19 18:00:06

This is a good snowflake tutorial

Frith2013 Sun 20-Oct-19 18:19:28

No, I’ve never used a pattern (apart from when knitting).

If I follow YouTube (apart from rows of different stitches), I don’t understand it. I can’t “see” any corners or the “circle”. So far I’ve made lots of dolls house blankets.

LYS is shutting down after 50 years! I did go in last week but the lady had put her husband on the till and in an end of term sort of atmosphere, was Skyping another old lady! So I couldn’t speak to her.

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Frith2013 Sun 20-Oct-19 19:47:58

*wipes sweat from brow

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Costacoffeeplease Sun 20-Oct-19 20:05:09

Hooray! Well done

PestyMachtubernahme Sun 20-Oct-19 20:33:01

grin smile grin

Frith2013 Sun 20-Oct-19 23:07:53

Thanks, everyone!

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EatsFartsAndLeaves Sun 20-Oct-19 23:18:53

Those are great, I'm inspired to have a go myself! Marking place...

Frith2013 Mon 21-Oct-19 19:06:59

On a roll...

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rosesandcashmere Wed 23-Oct-19 10:34:12

They're great!

Scarybennet Wed 23-Oct-19 10:37:30

Bella Coco on YouTube is very simple to follow.

Congrats on your snowflakes. I tried crocheting stars last year but only produced pentagons 😆

Frith2013 Wed 30-Oct-19 20:02:37

Moving forward smile

Just needs the berries adding.

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VirtualHamster Wed 30-Oct-19 20:10:29

I really like the various designs you can do centred around a ring, i use the rings left on bottles that tear away from the cap

Lots of patterns here

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