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Where do you sell/buy hand made stuff?

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AnaKi Tue 14-Aug-07 15:56:50

I'd like to know the best/most popular places to buy/sell hand made things.
Could you say what you sell/buy and where, including link if possible?

Miaou Tue 14-Aug-07 16:09:04

Have you looked at etsy? American site but lots of british people sell on it too.

AnaKi Tue 14-Aug-07 16:27:51

Thanks , I've heard of Etsy and also mumzmall. I think Etsy is the most popular of the two?
Is that it? those two and ebay? May be... that's why I wanted to hear from other mamas.

Gingermonkey Tue 14-Aug-07 18:26:19

esty. I have a shop on there and it is really easy to set up etc. (and cheap too).
this is mine.

Loopyredangel is setting up a site soon too, watch the threads for details.

AnaKi Tue 14-Aug-07 19:18:10

Great! Gm you are so talented!!!
I look forward to hearing from more MNers.

Gingermonkey Tue 14-Aug-07 19:34:07

thank you. Where's loopy - she'll tell you all about her site.

PatsyCline Tue 14-Aug-07 19:44:10

I really love: w

PatsyCline Tue 14-Aug-07 19:46:48

Sorry, link for you

Tillyboo Tue 14-Aug-07 21:01:25


Do you make things ? If so, it's always worth taking the plunge and approaching gift type shops. The sort that are likely to sell unusual quality hand-made stuff.

Loopyredangel is setting something up soon, could be an outlet ??

I haven't set up an Etsy or Ebay shop yet but have been toying with my own website.
I'm going to wait to see what Loopy is setting up first.
All my stuff is in my profile pics at the mo.

Other than that, it's craft fairs, word of mouth, perhaps doing some advertising at appropriate outlets i.e. soft play centres

Also have a look at there is a printed magazine that gets distributed to places like libraries, childrens classes and other outlets where mums gather.

There is the opportunity to advertise in these magazine. Alternatively, MN has a 'Small Business' section in the Classifieds. For a fee you can advertise there.

Some of us invite fellow MN's to look at what we make and you may get some interest that way.

Hope this helps

AnaKi Wed 15-Aug-07 08:58:56

Great! thank you all!!!
Tallyboo how do you make those cute animals? Another talented MNer. My sis in law had her own website selling cards but she's closing it now and started selling in etsy.
ATM I only buy

So far we have:
-Loopyredangel's future website
-Local shops
-Own website

Can you add more? Which one would you say is the most popular among mums?

Tillyboo Wed 15-Aug-07 09:27:28


I just sketch out a rough design, then draw up a paper or card template and cut out the fabric from there.

Ideas pop into my head all the time so I just jot them down for reference.

The horses I make were based on an idea from a silver christening gift and my sil wanted me to make a donkey but it morphed into what you see in my profile.

I would say it depends on what you are selling/ looking for as to what source you use

AnaKi Thu 16-Aug-07 11:41:03

Yes, there are many factors to consider but I thought it would be a good idea to have a kinda list with differents places where mums sell their things and other can buy from them.
Just a few posts and it helped me know of many places I didn't know of.
Any more I still don't know about?

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