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Knitters - how much wool would I need to knit a cot blanket?

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Miaou Mon 13-Aug-07 19:11:39

Showed my friend my knitted blanket I made for dd1 and she asked me if I would make one for her dd for her cot. I want to price up making it in cotton and in acrylic so she can decide which to go for, but don't know how much I would need for a cot!! If I use cotton I would go for debbie bliss as she was paritcularly taken with the bright colours - how many 50g balls for a cot blanket, do you think?

Tamum Mon 13-Aug-07 19:13:56

Are you thinking of aran or dk, Miaou? The number of balls would depend on that, of course. I would guess about 15 or so but give me a minute and I'll look up a cot blanket on ravelry and see how much people have used...

Tamum Mon 13-Aug-07 19:16:32

OK, the Big Bad Baby Blanket (from SnB) seems to take 1440 yards at 18 sts per 10 cm.

Miaou Mon 13-Aug-07 19:19:01

Ooooh, thanks tamum - dk I think.

Ceolas Mon 13-Aug-07 19:23:16

I used 7x50g balls of RYC cashsoft for my Apple Tree blanket. Think you'd need more of the DB. It's cheaper on ebay if you are going to use it - you can get it for less than £2 per 50g.

Tamum Mon 13-Aug-07 20:11:10

Oh crumbs, that's more like it Ceolas- sorry, Miaou, I just realised that the pattern recommends Koigu used double stranded, so the yardage is double what it would normally be

Ceolas Mon 13-Aug-07 20:21:21

I think 8 or 9 might do it. Obviously depends on the patterns you're doing whether you'd have much waste. As I say, although it's a Dk weight, I think the DB is slightly thicker and doesn't go as far as say Rowan handknit cotton.

Miaou Mon 13-Aug-07 21:06:48

oooh thanks for that - I think I am going to need about 10 colours to make it look good so one of each should be plenty then

Thanks for the ebay tip - will have a look on there!

Marina Mon 13-Aug-07 21:14:41

Miaou, do check out Texere. Their nicest cotton dk, Double Top, comes in a host of gorgeous vivid colours and works out cheaper than Debbie Bliss.
SHOCK HORROR btw knitters - did you know Jaeger have discontinued their gorgeous mercerised Aqua cotton dk
The woman in Liberty reckons Jaeger as a distinct brand is about to be absorbaloffed by the ever-growing Rowan empire.

Marina Mon 13-Aug-07 21:15:32

DB cotton dk is noticeably cheaper than Rowan's though ceolas - or it is the shops.

Ceolas Mon 13-Aug-07 21:17:24

Miaou, I keep meaning to ask you... How is your friend? The one who was pregnant and ill?

Pruners Mon 13-Aug-07 21:17:40

Message withdrawn

Ceolas Mon 13-Aug-07 21:19:52

...and how is your log cabin coming along, Marina?

Tamum Mon 13-Aug-07 21:35:22

I'm sure that's right Marina- our LYS owners told me that a year or so ago now, they are just phasing all Jaeger out apparently. Chiz.

Miaou Mon 13-Aug-07 22:14:43

Just seen her today ceolas - she is doing really well, much better and a good prognosis, thank god! Tis her daughter for whom I am knitting the blanket!!

Marina, was looking at double top earlier (and had made a mental note to ask you what it was like to knit with!! )But it's £7.20 for each cone (the little spools would not be enough) and since I need circa 10 colours that's just too much money!! Shame as I really like the colours too.

Ceolas Mon 13-Aug-07 22:23:29

Oh good news

Miaou Mon 13-Aug-07 22:29:49

Ceolas, is your apple tree blanket full-size on a cot mattress? Just to give me an idea ...

Ceolas Mon 13-Aug-07 22:41:15

I'd say so. I'll go and measure it now...

Ceolas Mon 13-Aug-07 22:50:03

OK it's 62x98cm. The book says it should be 61x94, so my tension's not that bad!

I suppose it depends on the size of the cot. We're not so organised as to have anything like that out yet! Most of the ones on the Mothercare site seem to be a bit bigger...

The pattern, although knitted in one piece is made up of 15 squares, each 40sts by 54 rows, with a 7st garter stitch border on either side.

Miaou Mon 13-Aug-07 22:52:36

Cor, impressive!! Thanks for that. Ds2's cot mattress is on its side in ds1's bedroom (still in his moses basket atm) so I'll check out those measurements tomorrow. Thank yooo!

Ceolas Mon 13-Aug-07 22:55:45

No problem. It's really reassuring to hear you've still got time to knit with all those weans!

Marina Mon 13-Aug-07 23:20:19

Don't ask ceolas - it's, um, in a holding pattern behind another two blankets, a matinee jacket and an ancient Rowan denim stripy cardy

Marina Mon 13-Aug-07 23:21:24

Shame about the double top Miaou, I agree, the cones are a scary price by both our standards (I am the sort of knitter who feels edgy about paying more than £3.50 per ball for any yarn)

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