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Would these be popular do you think ???

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Tillyboo Sat 11-Aug-07 14:14:45

Hello, I have some piccies of my new creations in my profile and would be happy if some of you lovely ladies would take a peep.

My sister in law wanted me to make a donkey/ pillow but it sort of came out looking like a neddy.

I was very conscious not to make it look like one of GingerMonkey's fab horses (my dd has a funky pink one) so hopefully I've achieved that.

I have had really good feedback & a couple of orders from friends and neighbours but you never quite know whether they are being kind or not. My sil is apparantly very chuffed with hers.

All the neddy's have different fabric front and back and some sort of applique.

Thanks so much

Dior Sat 11-Aug-07 14:44:33

Message withdrawn

Wolfgirl Sat 11-Aug-07 14:52:30

Lovely! are you selling them here on MN?

belgo Sat 11-Aug-07 15:01:40

depends on the price. They are cute.

Tillyboo Sat 11-Aug-07 15:28:42

Ooh, how exciting .... thank-you !

If anyone would like one I'm more than happy to make them. I'm charging £10.00 for each Neddy.

I can accommodate any colour preference and I only use high quality fabric and ribbons.
Each horse has a woven label attached with my name on it too.

Email me on laurie at mysassy dot fsnet dot co dot uk if you'd like any more information.

belgo Sat 11-Aug-07 15:36:04

they're lovely, but I personally wouldn't pay 10 pounds. 6 or 8 pounds maybe.

Wolfgirl Sat 11-Aug-07 16:04:18

£10 is VERY reasonable. Grief, hand made takes time! I make greeting cards and spend hours thinking about design, then making them. Unfortunately unless you are creating in bulk, and have mechanical aid, then you will not make a profit (imo anyway).

If you were to go one step further and personalise them, I think you could even ask £15 plus.

they do look lovely. HOpe you do well selling some.

Tillyboo Sat 11-Aug-07 16:20:39

Thank-you Wolfgirl

You are right hand-made does take time as there is more effort and pride (imo) in what you are making.

When you think that you have to buy the fabric and accessories and your time in designing, making templates & then the actual making, you do probably have to charge more.

But it's horses for courses isn't it. If someone wants to pay low prices for something that is mass produced in China (lets face it, most things are nowadays) then that's fine.

But, good quality, original hand-made stuff does generally command a higher price. Something is only worth what someone is wiling to pay for it.

I too make greeting cards using my own photography and although I do sell them, I'm never going to make a million squid. But, I enjoy it, I get lovely feedback and a make a little bit of money for luxuries.

Belgo - thanks for the compliment too but unfortunately if I sold my Neddies for £6-£8 I think I'd be practically giving them away.

I'm off to make another now ....

belgo Sat 11-Aug-07 17:21:36

if they sell at 10 pounds, then good for you

Tillyboo Sat 11-Aug-07 18:32:04

Time will tell I suppose as to how well they do but so far s good

Peachy Sat 11-Aug-07 18:37:49

I fyou could do them with anmes on, I wuld order two instatly and pay £15 happily.

I too make handmade cards, in the end I decided to give them away as gifts rather than bother with selling as at elast I could feel good rather than wprrying about a complete alck of profit, iyswim. My favourite technique is expensive (uses a third of a tub of embossing powder) and it could never be recovered in all truth.

warthog Sat 11-Aug-07 18:40:09

i think they're great

Tillyboo Sat 11-Aug-07 19:27:52

Hi Peachy, I've done names on cushions etc. using felt and fabric applique but I'd probably have to use embroidery thread for the horses - but it's not a problem as long as the names aren't as long as 'Alexandra-Josephine-Rosemary'

Please email me on.

laurie at mysassy dot fsnet dot co dot uk

I know what you mean about the cards. Because I print all my own images onto photographic paper, it's very ink cartridge intensive so can be very expensive if you don't get the colours right first time.

As it is, my soft toys seem to be taking over a bit ... but I'm happy with that

macneil Sat 11-Aug-07 19:40:26

I just showed to my husband, who is quite a hard-ass - he said, 'Oh, they're nice!'

3madboys Sat 11-Aug-07 19:51:58

ooh i like them they are cute and i think the little 'taggy' bits on them are good, babies love that

also did you make the other things at the bottom the rabbit? and cats, they are cute too, do they cost the same?

macmama73 Sat 11-Aug-07 19:59:39

They are lovely, will keep your email for when I need a nice pressie if you don't mind. I think your price is fair, and 15pounds for personalised ones fine too.

How long in advance do you need to know to get one finished in time?

Peachy Sat 11-Aug-07 20:09:37

Tilly, first name i'd need is Adam LOL, will email as soon as balrdy sister finally decides on a anme for the baby LOL- have put in my watched threds, would make an excellent baby - and - brother gift i think

Will email you as soona s I know X

Tillyboo Sat 11-Aug-07 20:22:07

Wow ! I'm so chuffed with the comments - thanks so much !

I'll answer all the questions ...

Yes, I make all the 'Hugglies and Bunnies' too.

They are £10.00 without and £15.00 with personalised names.

I wouldn't recommend giving anything with a button to a child under 3 years of age. Just thought I'd mention that.

So, the 'Hugglies' that are intended for babies and toddlers under the age of 3 (unless they are for decorative purposes only) would have felt applique instead of button eyes.

Hard ass husband ?? Sounds a big softie to me. Bless him.

Depending on my workload, to be safe, I'd probably ask for a weeks notice to make something bespoke. But, if you need something quicker I will always try and accommodate.

Once again, thanks for your feedback. My dd starts school proper next September and I'm trying to set myself up with a little business so that I don't feel 'lost & lonely' when she is not with me all day

Tillyboo Sat 11-Aug-07 20:25:51

Hi peachy - Adam is brilliant, nice and short. I bet the baby will be called Alexandra/ Alexander

Get in touch anytime, I'll be very happy to make a couple of Neddies for you.

Peachy Sat 11-Aug-07 20:28:30

Its a boy, we know that much!

Ellis is the current favourite

mamama Sat 11-Aug-07 20:46:33

I like them

Tillyboo Sat 11-Aug-07 21:08:17

Hi Peachy, lovely names ! At least I know I'll be planning for boy colours

Tillyboo Sat 11-Aug-07 21:08:44

Thank-you Mamama

loopyredangel Sat 11-Aug-07 22:08:31

Tillyboo, they are gorgeous, I would be happy to have you on my website when it is up and running, you get dedicated pages, and address and minimal costs! They are beautiful x

rantinghousewife Sat 11-Aug-07 22:11:06

Loopyredangel, is that definitely going ahead now?

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