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Knitting in cable for the first time...

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thechickenlady Fri 10-Aug-07 09:59:42

Can anyone help please? I'm knitting what my book calls a 'simple cable', which says to C6F every 6 rows.

My knitting is normally quite neat over stocking stitch etc, but the stitches along each side of the cable look a bit stretched and raggy. Am i missing something?

Marina Fri 10-Aug-07 10:17:18

Not really, good cabling takes practice IME! Try and keep the tension that bit tighter at the end of each cable section. I have practiced doing cable squares for a blanket and there is a marked difference between my first square, which is deffo baggy, and the latest one, which looks far neater

thechickenlady Fri 10-Aug-07 10:35:02

Yes, it's that bit at the end of the cable section that looks ragged... the bit on the right had side looks fine.

It's for a cushion cover, and I'll have to look at it for the next few years.... maybe I should do something simpler instead.

Tamum Fri 10-Aug-07 20:32:35

I agree with Marina, but it's probably worth adding that a lot depends on the yarn IME. If it's got a bit of elasticity to it then it's much easier to keep neat than with cotton, say.

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