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All Crafters please tell me the best recipe for SALT DOUGH!

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eenybeeny Wed 08-Aug-07 18:58:28

Hello!! I fancy making some salt dough. What is the best recipe, cooking time & temp etc.????? Thanks!

Othersideofthechannel Wed 08-Aug-07 21:30:19

300g flour, 300g salt, 1 tbs oil, 200ml water

Cook items over night on lowest setting. If they are really small you don't need the oven on, just stick them while it is still hot after baking something and leave oven closed until morning.

angie0201 Wed 08-Aug-07 21:40:22

i work in a nursery and i've always found that the best method for salt dough is equal amonts salt and flour and just add a little water at a time to get the right feel (not to much can get v sticky). also when you come to cooking it try to make what you cooking not too thick can be a pain to get it hard else

eenybeeny Thu 09-Aug-07 10:45:46

thank you!! I am making stuff now!

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