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How long and at what temp do I bake my painted eggcup??

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Dumbass Mon 06-Aug-07 20:54:24

That's it really! Ds1 got a 'paint your own' breakfast kit from tesco a while back and has lost the instructions. I know we need to bake after we have painted but I'm not sure how long for or at what temp. Can anyone help? Many thanks!

iesha Tue 07-Aug-07 00:09:48

Hmm, as no one else seems to have any ideas how about this-

I bought my niece a paint your own piggy bank from woolies earlier in the year. You could go get one of those, use those instructions and then give him the piggy bank for xmas/ birthday.

Or, have you tried phoning tesco and asking if they know where you could get copies of the instructions. They might have some from damaged stock.

Or ask around your local friends- I know I often end up buying the same things for DS as my Next door neighbour buys for her son.

Nope, that's all my ideas. lol. Good luck, I know how annoying it can be when that kind of thing happens.

iesha Tue 07-Aug-07 00:11:48

Ooh, ooh, I got another one.

You could just varnish the egg cup after painting it and thus remove the need to set the paint. That is if you need to bake to set paint and not the cup itself.

Gingermonkey Tue 07-Aug-07 06:44:00

I am pretty sure it was 150 degrees for 20mins. DD had a mug one from sainsburys so that will be much the same.HTH!

Tanee58 Tue 07-Aug-07 07:51:36

If it was ceramic paint, Ginger's right - 150C for 20 - 30 mins - leave it to cool down in the oven afterwards. Should then be dishwasher proof but I've always handwashed my painted glass & ceramics.

Gingermonkey Tue 07-Aug-07 18:45:00

oh yes, my friend washed hers in the dishwasher and it came out blank!!! Oops!!!

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