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what would you do?

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warthog Mon 06-Aug-07 12:56:02

i ordered a knitting pattern book off a website. I've used them several times before, not had a problem.

They emailed me to say they didn't have it in stock but would send it asap. Weeks went by.

I emailed several times. No response.

Told them to cancel the order and refund me. No response.

I meanwhile bought the book from somewhere else. I was going away on hols and I wanted to start knitting this jersey. Time was of the essence and all that.

They emailed to say they're expecting it soon, but can't tell me a date. Do I still want it or would I like something else? I said no. Cancel the order.

I just received an email saying they've dispatched the book!!

What would you do? It's £10. I could:

1. leave it. I have the book (2 copies)
2. Post it back to them and ask for a refund. No doubt I'll have to fight to get it. I'm not prepared to buy something else instead. I want my money back.

Flibbertyjibbet Mon 06-Aug-07 13:05:47

Do you have a phone number for the book supplier?
If not then try emailing them again to say you told them you didn't want it etc and see if any response?
Might be easier all round to put it on ebay.
I know what you mean about time being of the essence, when my knitting fingers get itchy, they get DAMN ITCHY!!!!

warthog Mon 06-Aug-07 13:20:51

yes i have a phone number. tbh i'll either end up backing down and being walked over or being so angry that i can't talk!

DAMN itchy indeed! i've had no less than FOUR websites cancel my yarn order because they're out of stock but not updated their site.

this is partly why i'm so bloody pissed off.

ebay is an option, although don't really want this company to get away with such bad customer service.

Flibbertyjibbet Mon 06-Aug-07 13:26:01

Don't be walked over! Remember, they are in the wrong, they have such poor customer service that they don't deserve you as a custsomer, and its YOUR money so why should you be out of pocket just because they are TOO RUDE to answer an email.

(part of my job is training people not to take no for an answer when you ring them up asking for money they owe you so you're getting my expert advice for free )

Elbow strained at the moment due to heaving double buggy up our steep hill but haven't ruled out a bit of itchy fingers later in the year

warthog Mon 06-Aug-07 16:28:15

ouch - strained elbow from pushing double buggy sounds painful! hope you recover soon esp. for the sake of twitchy fingers. crochet any good?

well just got an email saying they haven't received anything from me which is hard to believe since i replied directly to them. grrr but hopefully will get sorted.

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