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HELP Urgent felt advice needed!

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jetjets Sat 04-Aug-07 12:58:46

Message withdrawn

iesha Sat 04-Aug-07 14:03:35

*looks on shelf for toy making book*

Whizzz Sat 04-Aug-07 14:05:18

If I remember correctly felt tends to go bobbly after a while ???

iesha Sat 04-Aug-07 14:09:21

Ok, book says fleece or velour, felt can't be washed. MAybe your local fabric shop would be able to help.

Gingermonkey Sun 05-Aug-07 00:53:37

You can wash wool mix felt, but some felt will have colours that run, you are prob best with fleece for toys that need to be washed quite a bit (it is easy to work with like felt and you can use it in much the same way). I make toys from felt but they are best sponge cleaned (coz they have fabric on too and stuff) and I think they may go a bit weird if you washed them....might try it one day for an experiment <<<GM thinks to herself for a bit>>>> Hope that helps.

Gingermonkey Sun 05-Aug-07 13:26:21

what about using old wool jumpers and felting them (boiling them in machine) and using that? Durable, cheap (if you buy second hand) and washable too. Or old wool blankets. You could pick them up from the charity shop for very little I would think. I have a toy that I got 30 odd years ago and he has been washed and rewashed and did have felt ears and paws (they have worn away - but he is ancient!), he was made out of an old war time utility blanket. He is fab (a bit on the ugly side I suppose but was always my fave toy).

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