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quilt help needed

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quickdrawmcgraw Thu 02-Aug-07 16:18:13

I want to swallow my sewing fears and make 2 quilts for dcs. I want to make them out of squares of their favourite old baby clothes that I held onto.
Is there anything I need to know before I start seeing as all the fabrics will be different types. A mix of stretchy cottons and possibly some denim.
Should I sew them all together first, sew a large piece of material on the back and then put some wadding in the middle?
I'm just typing as I'm thinking here. I'm imagining the quilt Susan Saradon made for her dd in Stepmom but maybe not on such a big scale. I'm such a wet I'm usually balling too much at that bit of the film to look at it closely.

FioFio Thu 02-Aug-07 16:19:55

Message withdrawn

clutteredup Thu 02-Aug-07 16:21:02

pre wash all the fabrics as they will all shrink at different rates...good luck i mde them for my first 2 dc, dd2 is still owed one, can't seem to find the time....

clutteredup Thu 02-Aug-07 16:21:34

xposted with fio

FioFio Thu 02-Aug-07 16:22:00

Message withdrawn

clutteredup Thu 02-Aug-07 16:25:15

quilters of mn unite

quickdrawmcgraw Thu 02-Aug-07 16:27:20

Thanks, clearly prewashing is the thing to do.

puppydavies Thu 02-Aug-07 17:02:51

i'd use a fusible lightweight woven interfacing on the stretch fabrics, to stabilise them. i plan to do this eventually - when we finish handing down. i'd do something with wide sashing in one colour, prob white, inspired by this one.

quickdrawmcgraw Thu 02-Aug-07 17:50:02

ooooh puppydavies! I love it! I like the idea of spacing out the baby squares. I'd imagined I'd have them all in the middle and fill the outside with one colour because I wouldn't have enough for the whole quilt but that arrangment is much nicer. I'm getting excited now!

puppydavies Thu 02-Aug-07 18:14:22

i think a coin quilt arrangement looks good too, like here. did you click through from the baby clothes quilt caption to the blog? there are pictures of oscar in the different outfits from the quilt [gooey]

FioFio Thu 02-Aug-07 18:15:17

Message withdrawn

puppydavies Thu 02-Aug-07 18:17:18

hillary lang? she's pretty much god in some circles i like the fact she's not afraid to have a go, she only picked up quilting quite recently iirc.

ejt1764 Thu 02-Aug-07 18:22:09

You could also consider using a flannelette sheet in the middle of the quilt instead of wadding - it makes them very much more snuggly.

I use a sheet as "wadding" for all the quilts I make for children.

There's a nice easy pattern here - it's not in colour, but you could cut your children's clothes into strips instead of squares.

Or you could try this one - it would look good with a scrappy finish, I think.

Didn't realise there were other quilters on mn!

moondog Thu 02-Aug-07 18:25:30

I've used (expensive) cotton wadding (not so bad if quilt) is small but wouldn't touch the cheaper ployester stuff in a fir.Have used an old cotton blanket (type stowed by grandmothers in airing cupboards) very succesfully and am scouring charity shops for more.

puppydavies Thu 02-Aug-07 18:26:31

i'm a wannabe quilter really. have made a couple of a4 size quilts and a playmat, but the blocks for my first full size quilt are still languishing (i claim childbirth/newborn as my get-out card). but i do love to read quilting blogs

i did find when i made a quilt with a blanket lining the actual quilting part was way easier than with quilt batting, the whole thing was much more stable and i didn't need anywhere near as many safety pins

dizzyday07 Thu 02-Aug-07 19:50:41

I've only made quilts that have asingle piece of cloth for the front - sometimes with a border - like this one

BUT I still haven't plucked up the courage to make a "proper" patchwork one. I have an idea of using different coloured gingham squares with some white gingham I've seen.

FioFio Thu 02-Aug-07 20:17:13

Message withdrawn

clutteredup Thu 02-Aug-07 21:38:50

i like the idea of blankets as wadding.
i imagined a shaker style rag type quilt with different shaped and sized pieces, i've always thought this might be easer than your traditional patchwork. i've only made small cot size ones, but found keepng the sizing right quite challenging.
can't find a picture but will keep looking.

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