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craft foam or similar to make big dinosaur shapes to stick on bedroom wall

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greedygreedyguzzler Tue 31-Jul-07 16:01:47

does anyone know where i can buy BIG sheets of craft foam? the biggest i can find is 18" x 24".

or is there something which is just as easy to cut out and i can use to make dinosaur shapes to stick on my ds's bedroom wall?

MrsBadger Tue 31-Jul-07 16:08:36

corrugated card
£7.39+VAT for 10 sheets of 100x90cm
you'll have to paint it though

greedygreedyguzzler Tue 31-Jul-07 16:35:48

thanks! will that look good on the wall then? i am a bit of an art/craft novice but just fancied a go!

Katymac Tue 31-Jul-07 16:38:53

If you are really stumped look in camoing shops at the thin foam mattresses

I think they come in different colours and might be a cheap way of buying coloured foam

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