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JaneHitch Wed 21-Aug-19 16:19:51

Go for a concealed zip - but if you have a shoulder injury pick which side you want it - normally it is on the left hand side with women's apparel - so make sure that you pick the side that will allow your good shoulder the most amount of reach.

Personally - I detest side zips as they can be hard to get over your head and wiggle down - especially if you are reaching up to get it over your head with a shoulder injury- also don't forget whatever fabric you take out of the side for the zip - you have to take the corresponding amount of fabric out of the other side seam - or you will throw off how the neckline and back sits - as they won't be in the middle anymore and it will be slightly asymmetrical after that and you will feel as though you have to pull it over to make everything line up.

So go for the back with a concealed zip.

Go with a concealed zip at the back - and if you can't reach behind and don't have a partner or friend to zip you up my op tip is to pop a bit of string ribbon into the zip head so that it can be pulled up - and then just detached.

Just my opinion - but I would go for the back.

poppym12 Mon 22-Jul-19 18:39:50

Thank you. So if I unpick one of the side seams I could put a zip in there - is this possible by hand? I do have a machine but not much idea on how to use it properly blush.

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Time40 Mon 22-Jul-19 14:20:51

I think you would be able to put a zip in. You might need to add a bit of extra fabric to the seam allowance, but if the fabric is reasonably sturdy and you don't mind seeing the lines of stitching, you could sew it to the actual dress. There are some tutorials on YouTube about putting in concealed zips. Get a zip with a concealed zip puller thing (I don't know what those things are called - the bit you get hold of to close and open) - ie, one of those slim, dainty things, not the usual rectangular tag. You will find it easier to sew in if you use a slightly longer zip than you need, because it's hard to get right to the bottom of a zip with the machine foot.

poppym12 Mon 22-Jul-19 13:37:55

The seam allowances are minimal woolly so I suppose it would need some kind of matching fabric to make a seam to sew a zip into? I'll post a pic if you think it would help? I can do most things with art and silversmithing but have no clue when it comes to sewing.

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littlewoollypervert Mon 22-Jul-19 13:16:31

Can't tell for definite without a photo but something will defo be possible. You could also get a zip set into the side seam - they are sometimes used for very form fitting dresses and are much easier to reach to open/close. Check the seam allowances - how big are they?

poppym12 Mon 22-Jul-19 13:13:20

I have a summer dress that is lovely. Once it's on 😒.
It's quite floaty at the top and the lower part but has a waistband. Due to a recurrence of a shoulder problem I'm no longer able to do the wriggling it takes to get the dress on.

Would it be possible to fit a zip in the waistband and skirt part of the dress to make it easier to get on? The top part is like 2 wide straps at the back that join to the skirt but there is a gap of a couple of inches.

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