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knitters, please join me in my quest for dpns

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FillydoraTonks Sun 29-Jul-07 19:10:37

I cannot find anything except bamboo and those absurdly overpriced ones in a tin. I have plenty of tins and I don't need to pay £30 for one.


will update

Idreamofdaleks Sun 29-Jul-07 19:29:29

what are dpns?

FillydoraTonks Sun 29-Jul-07 19:30:47


bookthief Sun 29-Jul-07 19:31:50

Does that mean double pointed needles? Because I bought mine in John Lewis. I think the make was Pony. Nothing fancy.

NotQuiteCockney Sun 29-Jul-07 19:32:22

I think I have wooden ones by Addi? They are ok, I don't love them. The bamboo ones are a bit rubbish, certainly. I can't stand the plastic ones, though. I might be tempted by metal ones, by Addi.

Idreamofdaleks Sun 29-Jul-07 19:34:15

well why didn't you say!

bookthief Sun 29-Jul-07 19:34:30

McA Direct do Patons aluminium ones for v. little cash.

FillydoraTonks Sun 29-Jul-07 19:35:01

i WANT fancy


I dunno, i can't get on with metal, I find the stitches slip out.

am using bamboo skewers atm and getting splinters, such is my desperation

Idreamofdaleks Sun 29-Jul-07 19:35:58

oi filly britney birch not good enough for you now

FillydoraTonks Sun 29-Jul-07 19:36:17


I like brittany

but if i am forking out for needles (which feels wrong somehow) I want something posh. i always seem to end up with brittany.

NotQuiteCockney Sun 29-Jul-07 19:36:31

Oh, yes, the slippery thing would be worse with DPNs, good point, I will stick to wood. I've just got on very well with my Addi turbos, they are nothing like normal (cheap) metal needles.

FillydoraTonks Sun 29-Jul-07 19:37:26

oooh these are nice

sadly not in dpns though

Tatties Sun 29-Jul-07 19:38:13

Hey Filly, how are you doing?

I have just knitted my first hat [excited]

FillydoraTonks Sun 29-Jul-07 19:38:19

addis i do kind of like, they are the only ones where the join doesn't drag at all. they are just a bit too slippery. i knit slightly on the loose side (this is a a rxn against my mother, the world's tightest knitter)

FillydoraTonks Sun 29-Jul-07 19:38:53


go tatties!

my kids are wearing semi-felted strawberry and blackberry hats atm

bookthief Sun 29-Jul-07 19:39:32

Surina dpns

My friend just bought some beautiful Pony Rosewood needles from this site but they don't seem to do dpns (yet?).

FillydoraTonks Sun 29-Jul-07 19:39:34

oooh no they ARE in dpns

ack though. £24.

Idreamofdaleks Sun 29-Jul-07 19:39:59

rosewood but no picture

FillydoraTonks Sun 29-Jul-07 19:40:48

oooh they sound nice

but why are they splitting at the end?

am going to look for a review

florenceuk Sun 29-Jul-07 19:41:10

I;ve got addi bamboo ones, they seem fine eg here.

bookthief Sun 29-Jul-07 19:41:12

\link{\Ooh! Yes they do!)

bookthief Sun 29-Jul-07 19:41:57

Here even

FillydoraTonks Sun 29-Jul-07 19:43:02

oh how have i not seen those? are the joins ok?

florence, lol, i am looking for LUXURY

Idreamofdaleks Sun 29-Jul-07 19:44:26

try pure gold

FillydoraTonks Sun 29-Jul-07 19:46:34

nah too slippery


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