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loopyredangel Tue 24-Jul-07 23:01:44

If you were to sell your arts and crafts on a website what would you want from the website?

bananabump Tue 24-Jul-07 23:10:24

A really good comprehensive gallery with lots of room for commentry, possibly slideshow option. Some kind of shopping cart that uses paypal? Print options possibly, different sized prints available in glossy or matte finishes? I'm just going off what sites like offer.


loopyredangel Tue 24-Jul-07 23:18:11

Thanks for the info, will put it to good use, in the early stages of putting something together for arts & crafters who want to sell items.

Whizzz Wed 25-Jul-07 20:44:13

A website that comes up on Google to gain hits & interest - space for items from each crafter - paypal

loopyredangel Wed 25-Jul-07 22:18:47

Cheers Whizz, I was chuffed to see your new logo on your site

Whizzz Thu 26-Jul-07 08:44:50

Yes, I did a revamp to match the colours

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