Big Shot Sizzix - what do I do with it??

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AmericanPastoral Mon 10-Jun-19 12:54:27

I was tempted by this in a charity shop - I got it for £20 - but I now don't really know what to do with it - silly me. Any tips?

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Stickmangate Mon 10-Jun-19 17:23:20

Did it come with some acrilic plate thingys? You need some die cutters like these

AmericanPastoral Wed 12-Jun-19 12:42:47

Thanks Stickmangate No, no plate thingy unfortunately. Not clear from that link what die cutters are. Do you mean like these?

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GlossyTaco Wed 12-Jun-19 12:48:59

I used mine to make buttonholes for my wedding. I now make Christmas decorations using the shapes it cuts.

It's also good for kids crafts, I cut shapes for card making for them.

The nesting dies are the best , lots of variety there.

Knittedfairies Wed 12-Jun-19 12:56:06

You'll need a cutting platform
and 2 acrylic plates
to cut dies like the one you linked to.

sheshootssheimplores Wed 12-Jun-19 12:56:54

I saw loads of die casts in Aldi yesterday.

sheshootssheimplores Wed 12-Jun-19 12:57:18

Die cutters I should have said

AmericanPastoral Fri 14-Jun-19 10:30:19

Thank you for your replies. My goodness - I had no idea I would have to get all these extra things. My bargain of £20 is beginning to look as if it might have expensive consequences....I think I need to pop into Hobbycraft and get a bit more information. I'm finding it difficult to picture how it will work and all of these things fit together.

sheshoots thanks for the Aldi tip. I looked in my local one today and they don't seem to stock them.

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Knittedfairies Fri 14-Jun-19 14:48:54

Lots of tutorials online:

Knittedfairies Fri 14-Jun-19 14:49:48

Forgot to say that I buy most of my dies from AliExpress these days.

AmericanPastoral Sat 15-Jun-19 08:14:27

Thanks very much knitted fairies love your name smile

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