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Has anyone knitted anything using . . .

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CrookshanksWhiskers Mon 23-Jul-07 16:28:45

. . . recycled sari silk or banana fibre yarn?

I've found some here & really fancy giving them a try but not sure what to use them for.

Any tips (especially for the sari silk) greatly appreciated.

puppydavies Mon 23-Jul-07 16:50:49

sari silk is generally pretty rough, heavy and has NO stretch. not a good bet for clothing (too heavy/scratchy) a large item will pull itself out of shape with the weight. it's also not particualrly pleasant to work with because of the lack of stretch. oh and it's usually filthy too, full of dust and needs a good soak before you start working with it. if you get a really fine grade it will be less dirty/scratchy, but the weight/stretch iussue still applies.

heh, i've made it sound dreadful haven't i? i do think it's very pretty and is great for things like bags and purses. there's a knitty pattern for a bag that i've made and it's lovely. will see if i can find a link for you.

banana fibre no idea.

puppydavies Mon 23-Jul-07 16:57:06

here's the link for that bag. it gives you an idea how it looks knitted up too, although i have to say mine is much prettier than that (got a batch with mostly reds/pinks, so doesn't look as scrappy), and shinier rather than fluffy.

it might work well as a very firm fabric e.g. crocheted bowls although it wouldn't be very pleasant to work under tight tension cos of the not stretching thing.

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