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Whizzz-- quickish question

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Meridian Wed 18-Jul-07 10:13:57

What is the minimum amout of of stuff you need to make a necklace? well let me beging again, I have this amber beaded necklace that my dad gave to me but ds yanked it and broke the thread, so i wanted to repair it and i just wanted to know whats the best thread etc. as want to make a proper job of it maybe a simple clasp or something... pretty please

Whizzz Wed 18-Jul-07 16:41:10

re: the best thread, it depends on how heavy the beads are. Tigertail is strong (looks like wire) but is easily visible. Nylon thread isn't as strong but hides itself better. If its just a simple job of re threading & fitting a clasp, I am happy to have a look at it for you & see what I can do or could maybe send you enough thread so you can have a go without having to buy a reel of thread ??

Meridian Fri 20-Jul-07 11:40:28

sorry not been on the computer much these last few days, had a virus that has left me with another throat infection, broken glass, so on a course of penicillin whic is making me naseus and throw up (though not as bad as how i felt when pregnat with ds and had hyperemisis blah) anyway the beads arent that big, smaller than a 5p piece and as its ameber they are very light, i just wanted to do a properjob of it... and was sorta hopeing to avoid the local craft shop as the woman there is quite literally nuts. lovely.. but nuts.

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