Jewellery-Making Newbie....HELP

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lizard202 Sat 04-May-19 20:52:40

I am starting to make my own jewellery, mainly beading (using both bought beads and have made polymer clay beads), but finding the stringing/wire to use really confusing.

What do you lovely people use to put beads onto (wire/elastic/thread/monofilament). I'd like it to drape so not a rigid wire but any pointers would be great. TIA

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Juancornetto Sat 04-May-19 20:56:19

Soft flex calks itself beading wire but is a really fine cable made of 49 (I think) wires twisted together. Gives a lovely drape and is super strong. You need to finish it off with crimp beads

lizard202 Sat 04-May-19 21:40:13

Perfect, thanks xxx
Where do you usually get it?

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lizard202 Sat 04-May-19 21:42:48

@Juancornetto And what diameter is best, there seems so much to choose from 😳

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