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Who makes cards - conrgatualtions on your new baby etc

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hertsnessex Mon 16-Jul-07 09:42:27


i have not ventured onto this topic before, but thought it would be a good place to start as i am looking for newborn congrats card for my clients (im a doula and long term poster here- not a troll, dont worry!)

i just want to get hold of some nice cards for when my clients have their babies and to possibly add to my online shop.

if anyone makes some would you get in contact.



Whizzz Mon 16-Jul-07 14:48:39

Bump - there are a few on here who I'm sure would oblige I still make the odd one, but have ventured off into jewellery now

hertsnessex Mon 16-Jul-07 14:52:49

please, anyone...............

Whizzz Mon 16-Jul-07 15:24:11

I think you might get more luck a bit later on - will bump for you again if I am about

MarsLady Mon 16-Jul-07 15:30:15

Try YorkieGirl or PoppiesInALine.

Whizzz Mon 16-Jul-07 21:04:57


Whizzz Mon 16-Jul-07 21:44:21

h27 Tue 17-Jul-07 14:35:38

Hi, I make cards for all occasions! You can email me at for some pics of the diff range i make! (excuse email address its my sons nick name)! I am currently on mat leave with my daughter but i am still doing my crafts! please let me know what and how many you are after etc.

JoMa Tue 17-Jul-07 14:49:56

captain_dippy "at" yahoo "dot" co "dot" uk

CaptainDippy is a regular MNer who makes cards for all occasions

Dingle Tue 17-Jul-07 17:25:20

If it could be ongoing, I would love to be considered. I have been cardmaking for about 4.5 years now and give a percentage of my local Down Syndrome Group.

You can see some examples of my work here;

Whizzz Tue 17-Jul-07 17:27:58

oooo Dingle I love your stuff

Dumbledior Tue 17-Jul-07 17:34:38

Dingle's cards are fab aren't they!

Dingle Wed 18-Jul-07 07:51:07

Thank you so much Whizzz and Dior!!

After reading my message back it came out wrong, I don't mean to say I am not interested if it's NOT an ongoing thing, but I just don't want to tread on anyone elses toes! IYSWIM. Although I have been on MN for years now, I don't have much time to come and chat!! It seems I will always be fighting for DD in one way or another! Hopefully those of you who know me will understand what garble I am trying to say.

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