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steppemum Tue 26-Mar-19 14:46:16

So, we have bedside lights, which we like the shape of, and the shades work really well, they are long and narrow and sligthly tapered. But when we redecorated, the shades no longer match, now the room is pale grey, and the old ones are cream/beige.

I found some silver grey lampshades that were also narrow and straight up and down. As soon as I put them on the room looked 100% better.

dh hates them sad mainly because they don"t cover the light bulbs enough, so he says the bulbs glare our of the top at him and the room is too bright. <sigh>

I have searched high and low for silver grey lampshades that are the right size, and they don"t exist. I haven"t actually found any, let alone ones within my price range. The pair I got was from ebay, so can"t take them back.

So.... Can I use the old lampshades and just make some myself? Has anyone done it, and how do you do it. I am quite crafty, (not in the fox sense of the word grin ) but no idea how you do it, looking at the old ones, the tops and bottom circles aren"t actually attached to each other, only to the paper. Does it matter which paper, how do I find safe paper (although it is led light, so shouldn"t be hot)
I can"t cover the current ones as the pale silver grey is lighter than the cream beige of the old ones

Anyone who has done it, any tips???


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Bluntness100 Tue 26-Mar-19 14:49:07

I can't answer how to make them, but can say I had some bespoke lamp shades made from someone on Etsy, quit a few offer the service and if I wished I could have posted the original and she would have recovered it for me.

steppemum Tue 26-Mar-19 14:54:18

Oh that sounds amazing, but would definitley be beyond my price range.

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DameFanny Tue 26-Mar-19 15:08:46

Can you put some photos of the old shades to see what you're working with? Inside and out?

ForgivenessIsDivine Tue 26-Mar-19 15:10:52

Pictures please.. I am sure we will be able to help!!

steppemum Tue 26-Mar-19 15:26:07

Ok, I've been watching youtube videos, and I htink the only issue will be finding some suitable paper.

how hard can it be (hollow laugh which descends into tears)

I love the idea of a fabric ones, but 1. I don't have any fabric that matches the room and 2. you then need to stick the fabric to a paper sleeve, which sounds like more chances for things to go wrong.

I have to go and work for a couple fo hours, and then kids/dinner and a meeting, so it wil be tonight or tomorrow morning before I can post pics.

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steppemum Tue 26-Mar-19 15:28:39

wait, I have the ebay photos

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steppemum Tue 26-Mar-19 15:30:31

so, those are the new shades, and they are too small.
We want then longer, so the shade goes up past the bulb further.

But even a I am saying that, I think that the bulb will be the same distacne from the top if I use these, as the bulb fixture is on the ring.

So, that means I'll have to use the old shades, as they work
I'll try and take a pic later

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daisychicken Tue 26-Mar-19 15:33:34

The simplest option would be to buy a kit as that way instructions will be included!

These are quite cheap so wouldn't set you back much for a first attempt?

Bluntness100 Tue 26-Mar-19 15:38:47

Honestly it wasn't very expensive, this was the lady I used.

ForgivenessIsDivine Tue 26-Mar-19 16:16:24

Change the bulb to shorter ones? Is there anyway you can attach the bulb in a different way?

Bluntness100 Tue 26-Mar-19 16:26:30

Yes, indeed, or change the bulbs, the little candle ones might do it, or some of the energy saving ones,

TheGirlOnTheLanding Tue 26-Mar-19 18:53:40

Second the Danell's kits, they're really easy. I've used fabric rather than paper though.

steppemum Tue 26-Mar-19 19:33:23

Ok, update.

Thanks for all your thoughts.

I have tried smaller and less bright bulbs, the smaller ones are better, but there is still loads of bright light pouring out of the top, and it is too much, especially if one of us is going to sleep and the other reading.
dh and I had a good look and chat about them this afternoon, and firstly, I realised that the bulb attaches to the bottom ring, in a lamp, so that means it should be lower down if I make them taller.

Secondly we played around with bit of card and came to the conclusion that if we made them longer by about 50%, that would work. We like the shape of these ones as it fits the room better, and matches the shape of the overhead light, and it will be much easier to do a straight sided drum shape.

I'll have a look at the kits, but we have really small lights, and the kits look to be for a ceiling size light. We aren't going to use the little grey ones, so I don't mind taking them apart.

I just need to find the sticky backed paper they use in the kits, and then I will be sorted.

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TheGirlOnTheLanding Tue 26-Mar-19 20:27:25

I think Dannells sell the elements separately as well as in kit form - hope I'm remembering correctly - and really all you need are the rings that form the bottom and top (which you can take from your unused grey shades), some narrow double sided sticky tape to roll the top and bottom, and the backing sheets for the shade itself, so if they sell that you should be sorted. Share pics once you're done!

TheGirlOnTheLanding Tue 26-Mar-19 20:29:36

Here's what you need.

steppemum Tue 26-Mar-19 22:15:27

Thanks TheGirl, that's brilliant.

now I'm going to make them myself, I need to find some nice fabric/paper!!

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