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what to do with V V V rusty chrome pram chassis...

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beansontoast Tue 10-Jul-07 11:26:11

this is not strictly arts and crafts i know,but i was wondering if anyone had any idea about what to do with a perfectly functional pram chassis that is really really rusty.

was thinking about sanding/wire wooling/wire brushing ?all the rust off..and then...??

MadEyeMisdee Tue 10-Jul-07 11:32:02

is the metal pitted at all?

rub down with wire wool. possibly brillo pads. , dry throughly and then rub the frame with a polish.

beansontoast Tue 10-Jul-07 11:39:55

mmm...pitted?...not sure but it is really i'd guess it probably is.

it's so rusty i was thinking about spraying or painting it.

MadEyeMisdee Tue 10-Jul-07 11:40:16

what pram is it?

beansontoast Tue 10-Jul-07 11:54:27

its a silver cross from the eighties...not quite a coach built big and gorgeous but not really really swanky.

(it seems such a shame to not use it)

MadEyeMisdee Tue 10-Jul-07 11:55:59

it will be fine, dont paint it or anything. you can use a cream cleaner and wire wool. they do clean up very well even if the metal is pitted slightly in places.

beansontoast Wed 11-Jul-07 10:10:50

thanks will try that...ill let you know!

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