Can anyone give me some knitting guage advice?

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DameCelia Sun 17-Mar-19 23:23:47

I'm knitting a cardigan to a Ravelry pattern, it should be in Letloppi and the guage on the pattern is 18st X 24 rs/rds = 10 X 10 cm.

I'm using Erika Knight Wild Wool, the guage on the label is 18st X 26 rows on 5mm needles, I've knitted a guage swatch and blocked it and I'm hitting the guage perfectly.
Can I go ahead with the Erika Knight yarn on 5mm needles?. Or will the cardigan be too big or too small?

Thinking it out is making my head hurt, can anyone help?

Also, the pattern guage is 24 rs/ rds which I think means right side rounds, but I'm not sure. Presumably I just count the rows normally? I can't get 48 rows into a 10x10 swatch with anything like a sensible needle size.

Thank you !!

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DameFanny Tue 19-Mar-19 15:45:08

So the gauge is expressed as right side rounds because your gauge can differ between knit and purl, so if you're knitting only (because you're working rounds) you might be tighter or looser than if you were working rows.

As to gauge - ideally you'd match the gauge of the lettlopi, as this will give the right dimensions for the pattern. It sounds like working to the gauge of the wool you have will give you 2 extra rows/rounds per 10cms, which means you'll be coming up a little bit short.

I'd swatch again but in the round, so you can see if you can match the pattern gauge?

DameCelia Fri 22-Mar-19 19:04:54

Many thanks DameFanny (great name btw). Your advice was spot on.

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DameFanny Sat 23-Mar-19 09:52:34

You're welcome :-D

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