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Look look look! I finished my blanket!!

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Miaou Sun 08-Jul-07 18:04:25

Pic in my profile

It's for dd1's single bed but I spread it out on our bed to take the photo. I got lots of help from MNers on this (particularly Ceolas, Marina, NQC and Idreamofdaleks) so I thought I would share the final result!

Ceolas - I will be sending your book back to you shortly - it was truly invaluable, I took lots of ideas from there!

hoxtonchick Sun 08-Jul-07 18:05:49

that is beautiful miaou, your dd1 is very lucky .

BellaBear Sun 08-Jul-07 18:06:17

Wow! That looks complicated - Well Done!

DANCESwithnewlytannedlegs Sun 08-Jul-07 18:08:53

Amazing! I bet she will treasure it forever

Miaou Sun 08-Jul-07 18:10:41

Hope so . I tried out all sorts of new stitches/techniques I'd not done before - cable, bobbles, entrelac, crochet ... plus I reduced my stash from a bin-bag full to two carrier bags!

filthymindedvixen Sun 08-Jul-07 18:14:23

oh Miaou that is sensational. How long did it take you?

Califrau Sun 08-Jul-07 18:18:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Miaou Sun 08-Jul-07 18:20:51

Not that long actually - I started it in April, so about three months. I could usually complete a square in an evening unless it was particularly complicated. The sewing together took far less time than I thought - about three evenings in all - and the border (crocheted) another two evenings.

I machine washed all the squares before sewing them together just to check that none of them shrank drastically! The yarns are a mixture of pure wool (loads of tapestry wool left over from a previous hobby ), wool/synthetic mix, and synthetic - mostly dk but some was a bit thinner. I really enjoyed making it and dd2 has started dropping unsubtle hints, but I think I might leave it a bit for now ... !

Dior Sun 08-Jul-07 18:23:20

Message withdrawn

DutchOma Sun 08-Jul-07 20:42:46

That is incredible, how beautiful

Miaou Sun 08-Jul-07 20:51:06

thanks guys!

Bump for Marina, Tamum, Ceolas, Pruni et al

Whizzz Sun 08-Jul-07 20:52:48

oo I like that ! Well done you

mamama Sun 08-Jul-07 20:55:40

Wow - it's beautiful

well done

PestoMonster Sun 08-Jul-07 20:55:47

Fantastic work Miaou! You have worked hard, it's lovely

Hathor Sun 08-Jul-07 20:56:06

That is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I had the skill/patience to make something like that.

themildmanneredjanitor Sun 08-Jul-07 20:57:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FioFio Mon 09-Jul-07 09:24:46

Message withdrawn

florenceuk Mon 09-Jul-07 13:50:06

that is beautiful - really unique. I like the "Made for" square at the end too.

Pruners Mon 09-Jul-07 13:54:36

Message withdrawn

Tatties Mon 09-Jul-07 13:57:02

Just beautiful Miaou

Miaou Mon 09-Jul-07 13:57:26

Thanks! I took the pattern from here (scroll to the bottom, it's the last square) but didn't want to put my own name on it so changed the wording. I made quite a lot of the squares from this site (thanks, Idreamofdaleks!)

Yurtgirl Mon 09-Jul-07 13:58:29

Miaou - that is utterly gorgeous

Are some of the squares from Debbie Abrahams book??

Miaou Mon 09-Jul-07 14:07:55

Yes they are Yurtgirl - Ceolas very kindly lent me her book! The most obvious one in the picture is the nine-square one on the bottom row with the heart button in the centre but there are in fact about half a dozen or more from that book.

Idreamofdaleks Tue 10-Jul-07 17:35:53

Aaaaah Miaou it's fabulous! Thanks for showing us!

Didn't seem to take you long either! What's your next planned project?

suedonim Tue 10-Jul-07 18:49:09

Wowee, that's wonderful - single bed sized!!! That's something to be proud of.

PS, I love your cat pic in your profile - he/she's v cute!

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