Any suggestions for an old wedding dress?

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Gone2far Mon 25-Feb-19 08:56:41

My mother's wedding dress bodice (65 years old) was made of ivory satin and beautifully embroidered with sequins. Unfortunately the satin has brown patches. I would love to reuse it for my daughter. Do you think I could dye it? How does satin and sequins take dye?

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emeraldsparrow Fri 01-Mar-19 06:26:00

If you are certain you want to try dye your dress, then definitely go to a professional. There are many types of dyes. For example, a protein fiber like silk requires a totally different dye than a cellulosic fiber like cotton.

I would never risk using a multipurpose home dye for your dress. I dye fabrics regularly in my handmade business and don't ever use the multipurpose stuff.

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