What can i make from sock yarn?

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WhyTheLongFace Sun 24-Feb-19 18:31:56

That isn’t socks.

Also crochet, not knitting.


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SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Sun 24-Feb-19 19:21:44

Go to Ravelry.com - if you go to the pattern section, and click advanced search, you can narrow down your choices by putting in the type of yarn you have, and how much, crochet or knitting or both, plus select free patterns, and see what it comes up with.

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Sun 24-Feb-19 19:23:39

This page has free crochet patterns for fingering and light fingering yarn, which I reckon is the closest to sock yarn -


WhyTheLongFace Sun 24-Feb-19 19:24:24

Thanks. Im uninspired by the 75 million patterns on Ravelry.

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WhyTheLongFace Sun 24-Feb-19 19:25:35

Which makes me think maybe sock yarn is not the way to go.

I’m packing for a trip. Need to travel light so thought id get double the crochet from a smaller ball.

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tribpot Sun 24-Feb-19 19:34:59

I've made both this and this by Katya Novikova, highly recommended.

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Sun 24-Feb-19 19:41:23

How about the virus shawl?

It’s a pattern that is very easy to go on with, once you’ve done the first 8 rows - the feast of the shawl is just rows 5-8 repeated until the shawl is big enough or you run out of yarn.

WhyTheLongFace Sun 24-Feb-19 19:48:16

Hmmmm. All possibles thanks. I’ll pack patterns and see how the mood takes me

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drspouse Sun 24-Feb-19 19:52:21

I made a scarf with scrap sock yarn, it was linen stitch i.e. knitting but you could do similar.

HardAsSnails Wed 27-Feb-19 18:24:20

The Windowpane scarf is lovely.

WhyDidIEatThat Thu 28-Feb-19 17:17:05

I’m making a couple of blankets from sock yarn - drops Fabel, one in a blue print and one orange - I like the way the print scatters instead of lining up. Just granny squares, I get 16 - 18 rounds per ball which makes I dunno how big, maybe 15” square? It’s a nice portable project and I’m slowly getting through the stash (20 balls of each plus 10 plain turquoise).

bookbook Sat 02-Mar-19 23:06:27

I've made this a couple of times ,

MyOtherProfile Sun 03-Mar-19 03:12:47

I made a scarf with sock yarn. It was beautiful but it took years. Never again.

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