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Craft sessions for mums...

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SpookyMadMummy Wed 04-Jul-07 12:41:47

Hi all
Need a few ideas ... I have been asked to run craft sessions for some of the mums at my daughters school as part of adult learning..
I am looking for simple ideas that can be done or taught in a couple of hours..

So far we have:
Card making/decoupage
Small cross stitch project
One Hour Scarf (knitted or crochet)
Possibly paper weaving..

Any other suggestions?

Tanee58 Wed 04-Jul-07 12:46:49

Glass and ceramic painting
small patchwork project - say a cushion cover
Christmas decorations - say using pinecones sprayed gold or decorating polystyrene balls

SpookyMadMummy Wed 04-Jul-07 12:47:43

Fab! sounds great! I want a big selection I have 12 weeks to fill!!!!

Tanee58 Wed 04-Jul-07 15:05:22

oh well, half way there then

what about decorating a picture frame? Ikea sell small cheap ones in packs and they can be decorated by painting, decoupage, mosaic, shells etc & then varnishing - we did this with kids for a Funday stall at my daughter's junior school - it was popular.

Or making clocks - using a picture stuck onto hardboard, or old records - the clock mechanism & hands are quite cheap I think & you only need to pierce a hole....

SpookyMadMummy Wed 04-Jul-07 16:35:32

Oooh yeah! Mosaics! didn;t think of that!!! I bet they would love it!!!!

SpookyMadMummy Wed 04-Jul-07 18:35:15

Any more ideas?

Dabbles Wed 04-Jul-07 18:41:54

Make a book?

Depending on age of children, "we're going on a bear hunt' is good. they can use sticks, for the woods bit, clay for the mud or paint or somehting... i did this at the library with dds and they loved it...

or get them to 'write a book' an make it themselves...

Whizzz Wed 04-Jul-07 18:45:11

painting flower pots, plates, mugs

SpookyMadMummy Wed 04-Jul-07 19:43:37

<<scribbles down ideas>>

FioFio Wed 04-Jul-07 19:45:15

Message withdrawn

SpookyMadMummy Wed 04-Jul-07 20:08:48

Oh yes! I knew MN arts and crafts would come up trumps!!!! Thanks Ladies

Califrau Wed 04-Jul-07 20:11:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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