Wool for charity ?

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Witchbladeuk Wed 30-Jan-19 10:10:47

Hi everyone, I am looking for any donations of wool for a local cancer charity I go to. They do craft groups each month and we are in need of some wool. I was diagnosed with incurable breast cancer 3 years ago now and I can’t tell you how useful it is having this group.

So I’m wondering if anyone knows any websites or businesses that help out charities ?

Thanks in advance.

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SoupDragon Fri 01-Feb-19 07:45:44

I think Woolly Higs have had donations from Stylecraft before but it might have been a limited time "Vote for your favourite charity" type promotion

MaudAndOtherPoems Fri 01-Feb-19 07:48:56

You might also find that an appeal on your local Facebook group is successful - we have a local craft group that knits for good causes and they received lots of donations after they put the word out.

Witchbladeuk Fri 01-Feb-19 16:37:39

Thanks for those suggestions, I will give them a try 😊

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wideawakeat3am Wed 06-Feb-19 10:54:10

Do you have any local wool/craft shops or even a Hobbycraft that might be willing to donate?

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