How much fabric?

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ActualMermaid Sun 06-Jan-19 19:14:53


MIL has requested a sewing machine and fabric for her birthday. FIL has bought the machine but has asked us to pick out fabric for her as she wants to make clothes for our DD. I don't have a clue about fabric, and DD is 6 months. How much of each fabric should I get to be able to make her a top or dress, and does anyone have any recommendations of where to buy nice, childish prints? Thanks a million from a total newbie! 

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NewName54321 Sun 06-Jan-19 20:59:37

How much fabric you need is determined by the pattern, and it will say on the back of the pattern envelope how much is needed, which will vary (hugely) depending on e.g. clothes style, size, the fabric width and possibly the design on the fabric if it has a definite right-way-up or needs matching at the seams. Then there will be "notions" listed on the pattern - thread, buttons, interfacing, decorative bits etc - it's surprisingly expensive.

I buy online, mostly from eBay. If you want to buy in the high street or need advice, try somewhere like John Lewis or an independent craft/ sewing shop.

Could you go shopping with her to chose sewing patterns and fabrics, so she gets something you will like enough to use and the right level of difficulty for her to manage and enjoy making?

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