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Calling all card makers! Please have a look at this site.

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Charlee Fri 22-Jun-07 11:52:48

This is a website that runs a scheme for sick children, you can send your beautifu handmade cards,letters ect to them to brighten thier day when they are feeling glum. Please consider it i know how much DS loved getting his post in hospital it really does make a difference.


Whizzz Fri 22-Jun-07 14:52:12

Thats nice - will send something.

Congrats on 3000th thread on A&C too

Charlee Fri 22-Jun-07 16:12:44

ohh did i make the 3000th! woohoo!

Charlee Fri 22-Jun-07 16:13:55

I don't actually make cards usally but ds and i had a lovley time yesterday chopping up the old xmas cards to make new ones to send to people i try to do 1 a month and usually send to the t-l-c children as they are the ones in hospital at the time ect.

AuntyQuated Fri 22-Jun-07 21:12:20

what a lovely idea ..dd would love to do this too. she is often struggling trying to find someone to make a card for!!

vikkilouise Sun 29-Jul-07 23:55:22


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